Which Tyres?

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  • Happens regularly on Hutchinson Fusion 5 TLR. Taken in warranty, no questions asked.

  • My Corsa controls punctured three times this week, so needed replacing. Due to a shortage of 28c Turbo Cotton’s (my favourite summer tyre) where I am, I ended up buying Pirelli P Zero’s and holy shit they’re fast compared to the Control’s. It caught me off guard a couple of times going downhill just how fast they rolled. They’re also insanely, insanely grippy.

    No cotton sidewall but it still flexes nicely over bumps. Impressed so far.

  • Did you get the Race or the Road version?

  • I didn’t actually know that those versions existed. I got the P Zero Velo with the classic sidewall. Better track down some of the Race’s for next time! Nice that they come in a 30mm variant.

  • Pirelli are unreal good. Fast obvs but the grip is just on a diff level. Esp in wet.

  • Yeah, rode in the dry but you could hear them gripping the ground while still being insanely fast. That compound is wild.

  • Thought it must be because they're a Moter Vehicle tyre manufacturer first and foremost but then Hutchison make their bike tyres so what do i know?!

  • Maxxis and Continental sell more car and motorbike tyres than bike and they still do some crap ones :)

  • Yeah, but then Panaracer make Pasela’s and also Rene Herse tyres so clearly one manufacturer can make very average and also very good tyres. I’ll admit I was surprised when I saw Made in France printed on the side wall.

  • Not sure Pasela’s are ‘average’. Pretty much fit and forget gumwall tyres that ride fine over almost anything without feeling completely dead

  • This. Super reliable, last ages and aren’t unpleasant to ride.

  • Interesting interview with the Morgan Nicol from Challenge. He talks a bit about the big automotive tyre manufacturers (Continental mainly).


  • In my opinion, they are average and I would never ride them. Tyres are the only thing between your bike and the road. Why would I buy okay tyres when I can buy good tyres?

  • They’re not the tyres I’d put on the fast road bike but I’ve done 1000km’s on them on the city bike without a single flat or being annoyed by the way they ride. Think they’d be the first tyre I’d put on a tourer.

  • why

    So you don’t have to replace them four times a year. Soft-tread tyres don’t last well for some uses. Low tpi tyres resist cuts far better.

    I use the Jack Brown Green (pretty much the same tyre as the folding Pasela PT I think?). They’re on my fixed road bike because that’s a low maintenance bike that sees a lot of rain, gravel, poor quality roads, night riding (when you can’t always dodge shit in the road and really don’t want a flat) and speed isn’t important.

  • unequivocal recommendation for adding one of these to your toolkit. I just put on a pair of corsa controls w/no issues whatsoever - last time I did it by hand only and I was sweating bullets

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  • Will it fit in your saddlepack for roadside repairs?

  • definitely not. I don't have any issues putting corsa controls back on at the roadside though - they tend to stretch out after fitting

  • Considered getting one of these for fitting pretty much any tyre to Mavic open pro rims, but then thought the far more sensible option was to buy new wheels!

  • Will it fit in your saddlepack for roadside repairs?

    The Var tyre levers with fitting tool are a portable alternative for carrying on the bike:

    Source: https://www.vartools.com/en/tyre-levers-­carded-var-p512.php

  • I busted my set pretty early on when I picked it up many years ago. Probably user error, though be warned they’re not as tough as a quik stik.

  • Same. The end of the regular lever snapped pretty easily.

    Still about the only way to guarantee getting new veloflex bead back on a Kinlin rim after a tube-change.

    Pedros levers still the best - soft-not-brittle and super thicc

  • The number of punctures Lachlan Is fixing on Instagram is not convincing me I want a set of Corsa Control’s for the winter

  • Should have fitted Paselas

  • Lol.

    Yeah - I know he’s doing a lot of miles but it seems insane as to how many he’s getting.

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Which Tyres?

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