Which Tyres?

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  • Usage scenario is Regent’s Park laps & the same loops of Epping/Essex lanes every week

    as YAL says, grim..

  • That is a very good deal. Almost enough to tempt me back to tubes

  • WTB Horizons are slick and in 650x47 which is getting up near the width you want.

  • I’d say it was tongue in cheek, but you’ll have seen the sad truth on Strava. I have at least got the gravel bike back out a couple of times lately

  • Turbo Cottons fit the bill once you're onboard with the #fuckroadtubeless movement.

  • some level of puncture protection

    Turbo Cottons have no puncture protection strip

  • Went for veloflex corsa race TLR. Seemed to do quite well on the BRR puncture resistance scale & reasonably on rolling resistance. I’m sure I’ll be wearing sealant on the first ride to teach me a lesson

  • Ah, fair. I saw fast and tanwall and GP5000 mentioned but even 5000s have a strip.

    S-Works Turbo do but I think they're black only.

  • Went with Barzo TNT G2.0s in the end, as they're £36 at Sigma atm.

  • Vittoria Terreno Drys were NOT the one last night at Summer CX series. Mix would have been perfect.

    (CC @andyp )

  • I was on Wets. No hole in my knee.

  • I fell over running FFS!

  • Probably not for any ride in the next 2 weeks given the amount that came down in the last 24h

    EDIT: Skid video looks good tho

  • Ha, yeah might have to change back to Mix if it stays like this.

    less skids though

  • Just FWIW, turbo cottons are so supple that they roll over anything, rather than pick it up, and IMO were very reliable. Way more so than a Corsa.

    Corsa Control’a are now my go to for a reliable, fast, relatively cheap, supple tyre.

    GP5000s are fast but they’re so dead to ride compared to Corsa’s and Turbo Cotton’s. That sidewall has zero flex whatsoever.

  • Genuinely riding more my alloy "training" wheels with corsas than the deep carbons with GP5000. Tires just feel better, especially in bumpy roads.

  • echo this, corsa controls are lovely and did prefer them to my gp5k's i rode for a short time, like you and jb say, 5ks just feel dead in comparison even if grippy and fast

    didn't get a puncture on them either, which was good, because they were neigh impossible to get on and off a kinlin rim

  • I love Corsa Controls. I've got a set of TL versions ready for winter (looks outside) which I'm looking forward to trying. Trad high TPI polycotton casing but tubeless compatible could be a winner.

  • The ultimate tyre would be a GP5000 compound on a Turbo Cotton carcass IMO. I really, really love Turbo Cotton’s but they’re just too expensive at $80 per tyre.

  • Serves you right for your sin.

  • Just changed a set of the newer Veloflex Corsa EVO after 9,000km. They cut up a lot less and lasted a lot longer than the older models. Recommend.

  • Did anyone buy any of those Vee tyre co London road tyres from planetx because they were cheap and never used them and now would like to sell them to me?

  • Did you run the TLR or clincher version? I’m also trying to figure out whether I want the Race or Evo version. Had a set of Masters before which rode great but didn’t last very long at all.

  • Yeah the clinchers, not TLR. Came from masters and got a lot more mileage and still ride lovely. Pretty cheap buy down under too. Maybe £35 a tyre.

  • Just jumped from Vittoria Corsa Controls (which I really rate and have been my year round choice for two years) to Veloflex Corsa Evo and must say the ride quality is amazing, even better than the Vittorias.

    Very pleased in that sense and very glad to hear they seem to give good mileage. Wasn’t too interested in going for something different to the Corsa Controls per se but with all of them going for RRP at the moment the Veloflex were a touch cheaper (~£10/20 for the pair?) and thought I’d try something lighter as a “summer tire”. So far so good 👍

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Which Tyres?

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