Which Tyres?

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  • Tubeless was fine on this set. In total I had one sidewall puncture but a tube wouldn't have been any better given the cack-handed way I tried to bunny hop a pothole.

  • Although, in honesty, I'd buy a tubed tyre just to avoid having to mount another one of those bastards.

  • 700x50 slick-ish/fast rolling tyres which have good puncture protection?

    currently using a WTB nano which is a great sweet spot for "robust enough for running tubes, but not feeling completely shit" and is great for off road/bimbling green belt. ideally something like that but with a slicker center tread would be nice.

    Gravel king SK's are in this kind of vibe but 700x50 black ones seem to require importing, the idea of not only paying retail for gravel kings, but possibly fees is not filling one with joy

    G1's are the obvious choice, but before running them tubeless on my old bike they were a bit too puncture prone for the the city (cannot go tubeless on current rims).

    on the other end of the spectrum i've had a good time using conti sport contacts, but they only go to 40? i guess there is the big ben and super moto in this range of "urban slicks which are dull but puncture proof".

    most "nice" tyres seem to cap out at 40/42, then resume again at 2.2 , the "trendy sizes"

  • Trolling aside, this is fast and good

  • Paying 400# a tyre and STILL having to sacrifice 2mm?!

    You and others have been plugging the racing ray to me, maybe I will just have to give in and accept this is the only choice, there is no 50c bmx looking, dream tyre which isn’t 50kilos and pretty much rigid

    Really wish terravail would make the rampart in 50c

  • within that fast XC category there are many tyres Schwalbe or not, Maxxis Ardent Race, Aspen

  • Cannonball goes to 47 and the 35 rolls ok on road. Have had no puncture issues other than 4 in one go rolling through hedge cuttings.

  • this is a good shout, would probably give off less road buzz

    I think i really want that big slick aesthetic, mental images of my old housemates pompetimine with big bens squished in, or my old kepler with sport contacts.


    currently looking at the maxxis torch after some poking about, undoubtedly will not be supple or much use off road in the winter, but i bet it will be loads of fun on the cycle path, and do have that big MAXXIS on the side

    also at current tyre prices, they're free???

  • Apparently the Specialized gravel tyres are ok with tubes.

  • Oh for fuck sake don't tell me tyres are now hard to get hold of!

  • I had a set of schwalbe pro ones ‘welded’ to some Reynolds Carbon rims once, nothing a set of mole grips wouldn’t shift

  • those maxxis torch look pretty good, tempted by a set for my charge grinduro to replace the GK SK's...

    there's a 120tpi 'silkworm' version as well - https://www.bikeinn.com/bike/maxxis-torc­h-silkworm-120-tpi-29-foldable-tyre/1377­57503/p

    (never ordered from bikeinn btw - was just a google search. no idea if they're shit or legit)

  • They a bit shit slow sometimes but based here in griona, 100% legit.

  • Recommendations for 28 (max), fast, tubeless & tan wall preferred with some level of puncture protection? Currently on GP5000’s which are fine & Schwalbe pro-ones have also been good but may come up a bit big

    Usage scenario is Regent’s Park laps & the same loops of Epping/Essex lanes every week

  • You could at least treat yourself to a bit of Hertfordshire now and again!

  • I bought them all over the last 10 years.

  • I don't run tubeless on road but a few mates rave about the Pirelli P Zero tubeless tyres. I've used the tube type and rate them highly. The new version comes in tan wall too.

  • I’d second the suggestion of Veloflex. I run their tubed Masters, but after banging on about how good Veloflex are to a mate he has switched to their tubeless and said it transformed the bike.

    They’ll be fine around the rural roads of Essex, and are sublime on the roads around North Hill!

  • Any recommendations for 27.5 x 2(ish) puncture proof commuter (ish) tyres?
    Slick or with a bit of tread.

  • To be fair, no other options will be as fast or durable for the rolling resistance as GP5k TL. GP5k TL are miles better than all the competition right now.

    If you must have tans, I'd go for some Challenge tubeless tyres. Pretty but pricey.

  • Sounds a bit out there. Will have to put it to the committee. Every now and then I cycle a different way home from RP, as a treat.

    Thanks for all the suggestions. Probably comes down to the correct choice (GP5K’s) or looks (I’ll get some veloflex)

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Which Tyres?

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