Which Tyres?

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  • You tried deflating them and using a compressor on them to re-seat? Might also run some sealant on the bead to help them get a bit slippy. If it's the tyre itself, it could be manufacturing fault / high tolerances for the rubber attaching to the casing and there's not a lot you can do about it. I've seen it before on some of mine and thought it was a buckled wheel for a while until I checked it and the rim was perfecto.

  • Agreed. Anyone who uses co2 canisters in non race or emergency situations is a wasteman.

  • Glad I listened to you lot and didnt buy those (purple) GravelKings...


  • Yep. I’ve lent my pump a few times to people who’ve run out of CO2 cartridges.

  • Pirelli Cinturato Velo available at 29 EUR each
    Decent choice for a "mostly asphalt, puncture safe-ish, quite nice rolling" 700c 35mm tyre?

  • pls dont post european links, they hurt

  • this make me think I should place an order!

  • pls dont post european links, they hurt

    Taking back Corsa Control.

  • I got these; but I’m stuck with Tomme de Savoie when Neals Yard is the best really, is what hurts.

  • Their are a set of 32 teravail supple on enay at the moment

  • Hi, I've been recommended this thread, as I need help finding decent looking tan walled 700X40c?
    Schwable g-one nearly fit the requirements but having now seen pictures of them installed, I'd like to find something else.
    I currently have Planet X jack brown in 33 1/2c, and like them, but now I've removed mudguards for the summer, I want to fill the gaps a bit. Curious to try something else too (with hardly any time to ride I need to find excuses to play with my bike when I have 5 minutes to spare).

  • pls dont post european links, they hurt

    https://r2-bike.com/ I'm sure someone isn't doing something right but stay below £135 and you pay nobody vat..

  • Between 28-32c wide for use 90% of the time on road and 10% towpath, what tubed tyres would people recommend? They have to go on really difficult to mount P20 rims. Corsa G2.0 (easy to mount apparently, 28s come up to nearly 30c) or GP5000 28c (£35 wiggle, but maybe tight if reviews for the tubeless version are valid at all) - either of these or something else stand out? Thanks!

    Edit, a pair of GK slicks in 32c punctured immediately (I hadn't read the above comments but interesting to see others had this) and were just a little too big.... Also, my towpath description is probably too much. In short, I guess I'm after: around 30c, light and easy to get on.

  • Corsa Control isn't a bad shout. I like them a lot for road and very light gravel, as in fine fine gravel. Not sure if want or trust them on a properly stoney, bumpy canal path.

  • Nice, I've got these on my tourer and great to see others still rating them. I love them but looking for something lighter...

  • Thanks, my 10% of towpath is probably an exaggeration anyway, so this could work.

  • Has anyone tried the non-TL version of GP5000s in 28 or 32 - are they as tight as some of the reviews seem to suggest? Thanks.

  • Yes, they're on the grrls bike. No they're not as tight as the TL version.

    I don't remember struggling with them so I guess it depends on who's fitting/removing them. I have SuperThumbs™ so not many tyres prove to be an issue. I did give up trying to put a 23mm tube in a 20mm tyre on a skinny rim the other day but that was more because I ended up using another wheel.

  • Great, thanks, this is helpful, and note to develop my thumb technique/gain callouses.

  • If you're struggling and have time you can fit the tyre to a rim with no tube and leave it for a while to stretch.

  • What are we recommending in a tubeless 25mm for road bikes? Fast, not a race day tyre fragile though.

    My GP5000 have canvas showing after approx 7000km. May buy replacements if the LBS has it but want to widen the scope a bit.

  • Yep. Same as mine

  • Good Year Eagle

  • 25mm road ? we're recommending tubed

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Which Tyres?

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