Which Tyres?

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  • plus 3 English road bonus.

    They been really great. Let’s hope the Pirelli will make the really nice noise on the Ardennes at the front as well.

  • Just been enjoying the experience of fitting Challenge Criterion clinchers. Then discovered that the elderly inner tube is punctured. I think I'll let them stretch before I put latex tubes in! Like for like tyre replacement and I vaguely remember the old ones being a bastard to fit.

  • Unless they bought them to nick some tech and then bin the brand.

  • Seems unlikely. Dugast tyres, while very very good CX tyres, aren't exactly brimming with tech. They're artisinal.

  • Oh I have no idea. I was being generous. Initially I thought maybe they're just buying a competitor to remove a competitor.

  • Dugast premium gravel range (with quietly modernised production) incoming ...

  • ... maybe.

  • Challenge Strada Bianca

    I loved them in the 36 flavour. Not cheap, but quality.

    WTB Exposure?

  • I loved them in the 36 flavour. Not cheap, but quality.

    Any experience with the Challenge Roubaix?

  • Yeah I'm tempted by them but as you say pricey. There also seem to be so many different and confusing versions of them.

  • I loved them in the 36 flavour. Not cheap, but quality.

    One of mine had the tread come unstuck from the casing. Bike was stolen before it became a problem though

    Edit - That's bollocks - it was Clement tyres that delaminated.

  • WTB Exposure?

    I have these for commuting and bad weather road, got a lot of miles on them. They don't flat, but I hardly flat with most tires, lasting very well but they're not fast. A workhorse tire, not a Sunday best.

  • Just checked, lots more than 2y ago when I last bought them. Seems there is only one type at 40c tho.

  • Oof.

    ... unless they bought them to shut them down. If not, maybe they’ll use them as high end competitor to silks / new FMB clinchers etc. Niche, I’ll grant you, but given that they’ll be pricey I wonder if there’s a half decent margin once some of the process is automated.

  • I think they'd sell a load of FMB clincher tyres for an exorbitant fee. Imagine the likes on Instagram if they did a tubeless gravel tyre! 100 quid a tyre would probably be in range...

  • The Challenge Criteriums I've just replaced were delaminating. They were ancient so to be expected. I really like them as they ride much better than the more techno German and French brands and they are cheaper than the Veloflex and Vittoria 320tpi alternatives. I've had no issues with punctures.

    Edit to add.. 23s as should be fitted to road bikes

  • Dugast have a pretty good stronghold in CX racing but Challenge have moved upmarket to take some of that share. Not the biggest market but not tiny either at the prices that are charged!

    If Vittoria can tubeless cotton Dugasts in the same way as they have with their Corsas I agree that they'd be very popular across lots of disciplines.

  • Does anyone have any opinions on the Challenge Almanzo?

  • Looks good.

  • WTB Exposure?

    I find these feel dead, they give no feedback and also lack grip in wet.

  • All the good features then! Glad I never let them persuade me

  • So is there a road tubed vs tubeless consensus? I'm due a new pair for the incoming new bike. I've been running TL for c. 2500km and have had a largely good experience but the one flat I had (that I noticed) needed the cavalry calling in, which is a worry. On the other hand, with all the potholes round here, not having to worry about pinch flats is a bonus.

    Also, are GP5000 still the gold standard for a fast but not too fragile tyre? Would like 28s, ideally tan wall, and have looked at Challenge (but apparently a puncture-fest) and Rene Herse (but megabucks).

  • So is there a road tubed vs tubeless consensus?

    No. Personally, I'm highly ambivalent. Great when they work, PITA when they don't.

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Which Tyres?

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