Which Tyres?

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  • All Pirellis seem to be TLR, would you use them with tubes too or too tight?

  • Fast rolling knobbly tyres, 700x40/45 flavor, for all terrain bikepacking, what are people's recommendations?

    I am considering:

    Donnelly x'plor mso 700 x 50 - Impossible to find
    Pirelli Cinturato gravel H 700 x 45 - Would like a more spaced out thread, in case it gets wet/rocky
    WTB Raddler 700 x 44 - Good option, concerned about sidewall puncture/cut resistance
    WTB Resolute 700 x 42 - Good candidate
    WTB Venture and Byway - Both nice and probably fast, concerned about grip on wet/rocky
    Teravail Cannonball 700 x 42/50 - Interesting

    Continental Terra Speed
    Schwalbe G-One bite
    Maxxis Rambler
    Hutchinson Tuareg
    Challenge getaway
    Challenge gravel grinder
    Anything Vittoria?

  • Teravail Cannonballs are very nice in 650Bx47 flavour, might do you well on 700C too.

  • I am using them tubeless

  • I've run em tubed and tubeless, no problems either way.

  • I have run terra speed 35mm and wtb resolute - the former feel faster / nicer on road and don't give up too much off road - resolutes felt sluggish on road

  • Just caught up on this, thanks for the feedback!

  • Pirelli Gravel M seem the best fit. Due in stock 1st week of May at Sigma....

  • The central knobs seem close enough to roll nicely, do you have first hand experience? Merlin seems to have them in stock

  • Yeah sorry was referring to the tan variety. I've not got them but know a few folk who have. I'll be getting a set for my gravel bike packing. Seem to strike a good balance between grip, durability and rolling resistance.

    The guy in Australia absolutely loves them.


  • I'd just ignore any semi slick of that list. They just suck when it's loose, and do nothing in mud.
    WTB resolute I love. Is light, big and supple, and it does well in almost everything. Won't say it's the most durable gravel tire but they survived plenty of gnarly rocky stuff.
    Maxxis rambler is what I'd ride if I wasn't on resolutes. They just look fast.
    Pirelly cinturato and WTB raddler is what @Pmccee rides like an absolute maniac so can't be that bad.

  • Having spent some more time on them, I really like them. Not that they've gained a bit of shape - instead of being totally flat - they roll nicely. Relatively fast in a straight line on the flat, very fast downhill, but it's that grip that I'm really enjoying. The roads have been pretty cold in the morning recently and these things feel like they're superglued to the road. You can really, really lean into a corner. More so than with any other tyres I've ridden in recent memory.

    Reckon it would make an outstanding autumn/winter/spring tyre for your part of the world.

  • Thanks @Saffronspokes and @Netakure I think I will go for Pirelli Gravel M in the 40c and 45c flavour for rear/front respectively.

  • i'll have you know i'm always in complete control!

    cinturato is slower than the riddlers I had on before but they feel infinitely more robust for bike packing / rocky stuff.

  • I'm thinking of moving my 650x50 Cintu M to the rear, in case I go anywhere more than a few mud puddles simply for clearance. It would replace the 47mm Venture, which is pretty decent rolling but lacks grip given I'm most on proper off-road.

    For the front I've got a Rambler in 47mm to try instead. Bit more grip on loose-on-hard and rocks without the tight clearance of 50mm. The other option was Cannonball but the Rambler was cheaper for me.

  • Replaced my rivendell/planet x Rolly Poly's last week. Must have had them on for 3-4000miles. Really impressed with them. A few visitations, two were caused by me running them at silly low pressures and a few were sharp flint or glass 'would puncture all but a marathon' type. Very much a commuter tyre, not fast but certainly not slow, supple enough and given I got them on special offer at £13 a tyre, ridiculous value.

  • If only they were adult size diameter..

  • 700C is for the road. 650B is for the RAD.

  • I think @Zed did

    I dont buy into the hype

    Ultra dynamic NO!

  • I hate myself for leaving Schwalbe

    i hate myself too @amey

  • I have a pair of Corsa Controls which I kinda don't want to mount on rims again. I only rode them a couple of times but they did kinda feel like a pave with slightly less comfort.

  • Anyone using Byways? Good on and offroad?

  • Does anyone happen to know whether Vittoria tyres described as 'black / transparent' as opposed to 'black / anthracite' are the gumwall coloured ones?

  • Yes. The anthracite walls are pale grey, the 'transparent' are pale yellow.

  • Cheers! Am after some for the new bike & this seems like a pretty good deal.

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Which Tyres?

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