Which Tyres?

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  • https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3621­96/#comment15922588

    Dunno if this guy have them anymore though, might be worth a cheeky PM.

  • Not sure I've got the clearance for 28c+

  • Hey tyre fans! Our bike trailer keeps getting punctures. Trailer currently has no-name 20" x 2 1/8" tyres. Any recommendation for that size (or close enough) with a decent amount of puncture proofing?

  • You can get Schwalbe Marathon in 20x1.75, Big Apple or Big Ben in 20x2.0 and 20x2.15 or Super Moto-X in 20x2.4.

  • I have a rear tyre clearance issue that if anyone could advise on would be greatly appreciated.

    I bought a probably custom 90's tri frame recently and the tyre clearance to the seat tube is tiny. A 700x23c clincher around 100psi on 15/18mm diameter rims rubs on the seat tube. Due to the move away from skinny tyres, 18c or 20c clinchers are hard to find and most are race orientated so don't have much durability. The clearance to the seat tube is around 22mm at on a 700c wheel without tyre. I have only really used clinchers but wonder if tubeless may have a lower profile tyre as they are run at lower pressures, especially on a wider rim.

    The skinny tyre then leads to wheel width questions. The ETRTO recommendations seem to be on the high side. What would people recommend for wheel internal/external diameter for thin tyres as a real world low level limit?

  • Perhaps try the same 23mm tyre on a rim with a wider internal diameter. You might get a lower profile for the mounted tyre and enough clearance?

  • It will be about the same tubeless. Maybe try wider rims, that would project the tire more in the horizontal plane. Also, some brands are bigger than others and tires stretch a bit over time.

    I used to run 23mm in an 19mm internal rim, tubed. Never had a problem.

  • Looking for a summer MTB 26" rear tyre. Running Cheng Shin Gemini Eleven at the mo' which is basically slick with dirty great L-shaped side lugs which rolls well on road and not too shabby on trail.

    Need spare, can't find on sale anywhere so suggestions please.

  • How do 28c turbo cottons size up? I've had 28c Corsas on before but not sure how much more clearance there was.

  • 28.5mm on my 19mm internal width rims.

  • Cheers, reckon that'll do

  • Cheers. Will just have to order new wheels then. Got some 20c to try out also.

  • Any good allroad 700c 40-42mm tires around 30 euros per piece? Interested more in speed and decent puncture protection than grip for rough/ loose stuff...

  • Have you run these yet? Got some cottons but thinking about these instead..

  • Continental Contact Speed are ok.

  • Thank you, conti it is then

  • Not yet, still on winter tyres (Corsa Control 28s on latex). It's going to stop snowing soon right?!

  • Back to 32mm tyres, anyone running these 'Pirelli Cinturato VELO Road Tyre'
    Slightly higher RR than 5000s but 1mm thicker

  • Yep. I have the 35mm on my winter bike. Surprisingly nippy, grippy, and so far have resisted any visits from the P-fairy

  • Thanks, they sound like they will fit the bill

  • If anyone stumbles upon Donnelly X'plor MSO 700 x 50 in stock can you let me know?
    I can only see them in stock on Bike24, but not for UK shipping (for some reason)

  • Brexit....

  • What's the actual size difference between the OG GP 4000 28mm and the GP 5000 32mm? I know the 4000s come up bigger and want to know if I can switch to the 32 without having to get bigger tubes.

  • Unfortunately/Fortunately continental fixed this later on now, and they amended this issue so the gp5000 are actually what they say on the tin now.

  • Thanks, might be able to get away with it then.

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Which Tyres?

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