Which Tyres?

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  • My 30mm Mile Munchers had two visitations over the weekend; one front, one rear (glass and flint) on two different rides. They must be on about 7000km now and look pretty cut up in places. Am replacing them with another set to see how they cope over winter.

  • I'm 2/7 in punctures vs rides. Running tubed though.

  • Keen to hear how they do. They’re front-runners for 2021 tyres for my fixiebike.

  • I'm sizing down to 23c for the winter. Anyone know good deals for classic width winter training tyres?

  • Glass or pinch flats? I was running 35/38 psi as a starting point, what pressure were you on?

  • Something embarrassing like 40/45. It was flint and/or thorns, I have been getting rowdy in the North Downs

  • Interesting, I am running with tubes as well, might leave the pressure where it is for the minute

  • Looking for a well rounded clincher tire 700c 32-35mm for the winter commuter.
    Currently running Schwalbe Kojak, which I´ve been happy with although they are a bit sketchy in the wet and probably not the best ruggedness.

    What should i go for? Been eying the below ones
    Panaracer Pasela
    Schwalbe Marathon Supreme
    Continental GP 4 season or Speed King CX

  • Schwalbe Marathon Supreme

  • I found Pirelli Cinturatos very good no matter the weather, currently using Spesh Roubaix Pro, no mishaps yet. I'm also a fan of Paselas.

  • @jontea good suggestion, I like the graphics of the Pirelli tires. Schwalbe are a bit "tech-y" looking.
    Do you run them with or without tube?

  • Ran the Pirelli and Spesh tubeless, obviously Paselas tubed. Pirellis set up tubeless very easy, Spesh a bit more of a fight (but that was just getting them on the rims).

  • Having success with a pair of 25mm Open Pave tyres, Vittoria latex tubes, and effeto mariposa sealant inside the tubes.

    No air leak overnight, and haven't had a flat yet, despite lots of cuts.

  • How much sealant in inner tubes ?

  • 30ml +/-5ml - according to the app this is the right amount. Just looked over the tyres and dug several small shards of glass out. There's no doubt that the open pave's cut easily, but they ride great, especially with latex tubes, and the sealant improves the major pitfall of supple rubber/latex tubes - punctures.

  • why not just run tubeless tyres?

  • Slightly more faff, don't have to worry about the tyre seating/exploding sealant all over the place with latex tubes and sealant. Granted that's less of a concern when you know what you're doing.

    Also i was under the impression that tubeless tires aren't as supple as clinchers - though I'm not sure if that's necessarily correct.

  • Forum approved 27,5 x 3” tubeless tyres for off-road?

  • What are the current go to wet weather 25mm clinchers?
    Priorities are probably grip, then puncture resistance, then rolling resistance but a compromise between the three would be ideal. They're for my brother so a few suggestions to show him to compare would be appreciated!

  • Gp4seasons

  • am looking for some 26" tyres for my isen ... something in the 1.5-1.8" range. something fast but also bridleway capable if need arises. not mtb tyres ... e.g. g-one

    is the only option the rene herse naches pass? they are so £££ :(

  • Vittoria Trail Tech G+ in 26 x 1.75" - £10 each at Planet X


    I've had a pair of the 26 X 2.0" for a good while and they've been excellent. Fast but also bridleway capable, as desired! And fingers crossed, very tough.

  • Panaracer Paselas are available in 26 x 1.75.

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Which Tyres?

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