Which Tyres?

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  • https://axs.sram.com/guides/tire/pressur­e

    Says it’s for zipp but not sure why it wouldn’t give you a good starting point for other wheels

  • Cheers, that's pretty handy! Seems like 80psi is too high for me. Will try more like 50 front, 55 rear.

  • These charts are banded about a lot online, I use them as a rule of thumb

  • Can anyone recommend me a fast-ish light-ish 26" mtb tyre? Nothing too gnarly

  • I'm liking my continental contact urban in 2.2

  • Gravelking AC, 35mm setup tubeless, first impressions are very positive!

    Still available for very cheap from here: https://www.tweekscycles.com/uk/panarace­r-gravel-king-ac-tlc-tyre-2011494/

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  • Sorry I meant still for off-road! I've got conti race king 2.2 on my list but beyond that i'm a bit lost tbh

  • Has anyone with gp5000s clincher seen them dip at different points on the tyre and not seat correctly? I've tried soap, whacking the pressure up and remounting it and it still doesn't seem to sit correctly. I've only done about 1000km on them, recently moved onto a new rim, but the same R460 disc rim that I had before.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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  • Conti Speedking RS

    Edit: missed your second post.

  • I’m thinking about turning my bike into monster mode for the coming season. This means change the the 38mm GK slicks for something a bit more burly. I think the frame and fork would swallow a 2.2. But not sure if I need to go all the way. Would look sick but.. yeah. Maybe guards would be nice.

    Anyway. Tubless 1.8-2.2 tyre that can handle a bit of mud? Black preferably.

  • Interested in the story of how that car got there.

  • £20 each and might do less wheel spins than my cannonballs, in. Will keep the teravail for when there’s #nogravel rather than the current #nomud conditions

  • Maxxis Refuse Gravel TLR

    Anyone using?

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  • Not sure if there is any topic specifically for MTB tyres, so will just ask here.
    I have 2015 Longitude with Halo Vapour 35 wheelset, I would like to turn it into 29+ SSMTB, would this 30 mm internal rim be enough for 3.0 tyre like Maxxis Chronicle? I can buy those tyres slightly used cheap, would like to keep this wheelset as I love the instant engagement. Just not sure if going 3.0 will be worth it or better stick with a big 2.6 tyre like Mezcal.

  • I like to think it's an art installation from the Museum of London

  • Yeah, summer is over it appears

  • you got them in the end ! looking good. my wtb 35mm crossboss are still performing but i might get those just in case

  • Yeah, I bought 3 to have one spare. Hard to ignore at that price.

    I am still happy with them, despite having managed to cut both front and rear by going in really hard on a metal edge of a kerb. Totally my fault. Booted them and now are fine again.

  • Hi, I have 28mm 4 seasons on my winter bike, but had a nightmare trying to get them on as they are so tight (4 tubes pinched before I managed it!!!). Always a little worried about getting a flat out on the road and not being able to fix it as I can't get the tyre back on.

    Was thinking about switching to 32mm GP5000 TLs as the rims are tubeless ready (Aksium Disc). Thinking is they are a bit faster, plus if I have a blow out I'm screwed anyway; and if I get a common puncture, the TL will more be less risk versus popping all my spare tubes trying to wedge the 4 seasons back on.

    Any better ideas?

  • Tweeks now selling also Gravelking EXT+ TLC at a good discounted price!

  • I've done a few hundred KM on my 32mm Gravelking TLCs now and still liking them a lot. 0 punctures so far, faster than I was expecting and nice and grippy. 99% road use with very occasional pissing about on bridleways.

  • I did!

    I ran them tubed and they were excellent and comfy on tarmac, hardpack and dry gravel but suffered in the wet offroad. Mud and wet New Forest gravel did not agree with them.

    I still have them in my pile of stuff somewhere if you'd like to do a fit check.

  • Thanks to everyone that recommended the Vittoria Terrano Mud, running them 33c and they really do grip extremely well, run on tarmac alright as well.

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Which Tyres?

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