Which Tyres?

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  • After making a couple of speculative offers on t'bay, I have single Teravail Rampart 42 and a pair of WTB Byway 44s on their way to me.

    Got the trio for £90 and will figure out how to proceed when they arrive.

    Thanks all!

  • Anyone run the super-cheap PX Conti sport contact off road without shredding them to bits?

  • I've done shedloads of gravel on mine & they've been fine. Don't look cut up at all really.

  • Let me know how you find them if you get a pair, been experimenting with tyres for the upcoming mixed season, before needing mud tyres

  • i was about to, and realised i still have a little stash of tyres to use on my croix de fer.. maybe later.

  • 650b knobbly tyres for a #tracklocross project, around 40/42c. what should i get ?
    some bargains around ?

  • On the lookout for 28c tyres for the commuter - Merlin have Vittoria Rubino Pro G+ Isotech & Schwalbe One Addix Performance for £17/18 - or should I choose something else entirely?

    Route is a mix of well maintained cyclepath / main roads, nothing too grim but current tyres (Clement Strada LGG) are cut to shreds - front and back - despite the roads not being too shabby and the tread not looking that knackered, gonna replace them before the weather turn properly to shit & I end up at the side of the road in the dark, in the rain, freezing & wishing i'd replaced them sooner.

  • lifeline prime armour road

  • Rubino and Rubino Pro are pretty similar to the two Strada versions in terms of softness (and cuts).

  • Good shout - had forgotten about those!

  • That's what I was wondering - liked the older Rubino Pro & was hoping the G+ version would be the same but a bit tougher

  • Mixed conditions yet decently low rolling resistance for gravel/cross riding, 33/35c ideally, suggestions? Also, would like a durable tire without braking the bank, if it exists

    Vittoria Terreno Mix
    Panaracer Gravelking AC
    Pirelli Cinturato Gravel M
    Hutchinson Piranha 2 CX?
    Continental Race King CX?

  • Jack Brown? Maybe on the slippery side, but they roll nice.

  • I have the terreno's on my sscx and I like them. Feel decent on road (as long as pressure isn't ridiculously low) and offer a decent amount of grip in most conditions, save real wet mud.

    I'd say they're pretty hardy for a race tyre too.

  • I agree with @pastry_bot - I have the terreno wet though and it's the CX 'mud' tyre it rolls well and is hardy. Good grip though not raced on it. I think the mix would prob be better for mixed terrain unsurprisingly, I like the wet though as I use them almost entirely off road

  • I actually really liked my Smart Sam for this. Very cheap but cleared mud well and were ok on road with pressure pumped up. Only thing is they're wired and I couldn't get them to go up tubeless and they got punctured by thorns

  • is pedal strike not going to be an issue with tyres that size if fixed?

  • @giofox

    I (kind of) concur with @pastry_bot and @youramericanlover, I'd recommend the Terreno Wet. It's a great intermediate and mud tyre and is very capable in the dry too, and it's surprisingly capable on the road too. The Terreno Mix, in my experience, isn't anywhere near as capable.

  • I’ve not tried the new one. I wouldn’t expect it to be much different tbh.

  • Interesting feedback on Terreno tyres, thanks @pastry_bot @youramericanlover and @andyp . I have been using the Zero as gravel tyres the whole summer and loved them, good casing and hardy overall.

    I have a set of Mud Wrestlers for the serious mud later in the season, so I was looking for something in between, before it gets really muddy, but if you say the Wet roll nicely, I might as well get those.

  • Been meaning to try those too - next time PX have a sale on i'll pick up a couple, the 30c might work for me actually. They're not outrageously expensive at rrp but knowing they'll probably drop to half price before I get them fitted is annoying (Dear PX - please just pick an intermediate price on all your stuff & stick with it...)

  • it could, hoping that 650b would give the same outer diameter as a smaller 700c. ill have to live and learn, but when i say tracklocross, its probably more about pootling around the neighbourhood, not sending it on tight trails. i also have a few 1 1/8th forks to try if rake makes a difference

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Which Tyres?

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