Which Tyres?

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  • What would you recommend as tubs for a commuting bike? 25c or 28c (if they’ll fit!) Don’t need to be fast but do need to be quite puncture resistant. Aiming to spend no more than 40£ if possible...
    Saw some Vittoria Pave Evo on offer on Merlin, are they as good as they claim?

  • Bit over budget but Michelin Pro4 Endurance are great and £25 a tyre at Decathlon.

  • Thanks, unfortunately need to be tubular ...

  • There is a gatorskin tub but in your budget probably only Vitoria Rally.

    Basic clinchers wheels and tyres make more sense?

  • Yeah, clincher wheels would make life a lot easier but new bike came with wheels that take tubulars, have plenty of life left in them and are actually nice wheels. I was hoping to find a good solution to not have to change them...

  • Ah, sorry, I'll go make myself another coffee!

  • Maybe nice summer tyres on those wheels. £130 buys a set of new clinchers fine for communing, tubes, tyres and a relatively easy life.

    Rallys don’t have much in way of puncture protection. They’re on par with a £10 clincher like a Lugano or something. And you have to bin them after a flat.

    The Pave is a race tyre.

  • Conti sprinter or Vittoria rubino are the best 'training' tubs. Over budget though.

  • Thank you, I like them, but I am located in Poland, so not sure if including postage they would still be cheap.

  • My advice would be to keep an eye out for shop clearance deals or lightly used secondhand tubs. Tubulars are out of fashion, so both come up reasonably often.

    • Paves are a good tyre, excellent grip, but won’t last as long as others. Corsa Control is the new version
    • Conti Sprinter Gatorskin were the super tough, super durable choice but don’t roll as nice (there has to be a trade off somewhere)
    • Conti Competition are a bit more of an all rounder if you can find them in your price range
    • I’ve also had extra PPS versions of Challenge Strada and some Vitoria Course SC, which were both fine. Corsa G is the new version of the latter
    • Conti Giro of the budget tubs seemed to be a better choice than Rally’s, but if you’re putting in the effort to go tubular then you might as well go for a decent tyre (I’ll be clearing out my Giros before long!)
  • I fancy a pair of balloon ish, 700c X 48 ish, low tread gravely kind of things to go on my adventurewankbike.

    Any suggestions?

    Here's a pic of it with its current 700x44 Knards

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    • PXL_20200912_122506907.jpg
  • They do GravelKing SKs up to 700x50 these days.

  • I'll take a look.

  • Gravelkings are great in the gravel, hardpack and grass, if you run around on hot tarmac in summer through they will get eaten alive before you get to any gravel.
    Find they size up generally OK

  • I might be interested in these if you still have them

  • I think ideally I'd want a pair of Rene Herse Snoqualmie Pass. But at £142 for a pair I may need some serious convincing...

    Any other options that are similar but less eye watering?

  • I typo'ed by the way, the current Knards are 41c, not 44.

  • teravail cannonball 700x42?
    thewoodscyclery.co.uk probably one of the few stockists

  • That's a great bike, what is it?

  • That's a great bike, what is it?

    Thanks, it's a Marin Four Corners.

  • Schwalve G-One Speed?

  • Travail Ramparts in 700x42c look pretty good. £55 each is a decent saving over the Rene Herse.

  • I’ve just installed latex tubes and I think I can feel the difference.

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Which Tyres?

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