Which Tyres?

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  • Agreed on black version, tan walls are for bikes with less colour on them.
    Also, chain looks really transparent!

  • Those are actually the old version, the new version is the Performance line. Not sure if there's any real difference but you'll struggle to find stock of the old stuff.

    Mantel have them in stock: https://www.mantel.com/uk/schwalbe-one?s­pec%5B%5D=1702&spec%5B%5D=16186&spec%5B%­5D=57&spec%5B%5D=19193&utm_source=google­&utm_medium=shopping&gclid=CjwKCAjwqML6B­RAHEiwAdquMnSmCYZYfMdfBqsMA-SQqhW67nR_lL­f_ixbJKNN_zSK6BOpB_LbKYIhoCAGsQAvD_BwE

  • Sadly no tan walls

    Ah, I just went from that merlin link you posted.

  • this is not really tanwall, really yellow IRL. if that matters

  • Can anyone recommend a cheapish 'loose' fitting tyre around 32c if that is a thing? I bought some budget touring wheels that came with Ryde rims, tyre fit is unbelievably tight. Googling Ryde it seems to be a common issue. I can get the tyre on but the bead gets stuck under the hook and wont pop out even with silly PSI and plenty of bead lube, currently got bontranger hardcase. Thanks

  • +@Glws
    Thanks yes I see what you both mean. I was doubtful about tanwalls because it’s a busy looking thing but in these pictures they look more period correct to me. Final wheels will be 65mm gloss so it’s only going to get louder. I reckon black will be safer.

  • Looking at getting my autumn/winter commute set up back up and running. Currently on cheapo Lifeline ones which are fine, but worn, and slippy in the wet. Looking for tubeless, 30mm+, grippy & durable. Stating the obvious but don't need to be fast!

    Any recommendations? The Conti GP5000 32mm seems like a high-end option albeit currently discounted on Wiggle https://www.wiggle.co.uk/continental-gra­nd-prix-5000-tubeless-tyres-race-sealant­-32c

  • Schwalbe g-one speed?

    You commute tubeless? I've been thinking about doing this for a new commuter, wondered if it was a terrible idea for some reason.

  • winter commute

    durable. Stating the obvious but don't need to be fast!

    Conti GP5000

    Does not compute

  • Don't have any experience of them. What would you suggest?

  • Thanks. I've ridden G-ones off road but found they cut up pretty easily so may not last all that long.

    Currently have tubes in my set-up, but having ridden tubeless on and off road all year I'd like to go this way for the commute too. Caveat being that I'm not convinced on tubeless for skinny tyres hence looking at 30mm+

  • recently mounted a pair of 23c vittoria corsa graphene 2.0 tyres on my road bike; very happy with them; feel fast and grippy

    definetly feel much more spritely than the aging gp4000ii tyres they replaced

  • They're 2 hundred and something gram race tyres. I don't ride them myself but my colleague who commutes on a Canyon Aeroad on GP5000s has had several white liquids sprayed up his back (not a euph) from London riding.
    Tubeless helps because you don't notice so many small punctures but for a dedicated commuting bike, I wouldn't be looking at "fast" tyres

  • Still rate the Cinturato Gravel M?
    Considering them for this dry/wet transition season before going full on mud tires.

    Edit: Would also consider cheaper alternatives, they look spendy.

  • jack brown 30mm are still 20£ each on planet x. not tubeless but truly insanely grippy

  • Excellent tyres, I had a couple of bad cuts but both were seriously sharp big objects that I think would have cut through any tubeless tyre. Great grip off road and decent on road. Hard wearing as well, did about 500 miles* on mine including some reckless skidding on rough surfaces and they looked barely worn, I’ve gone to 650x45 same tyre on the gravel bike so I’ve given the 700x35s to another rider now who smashes out some massive rides so will see how they last/what her feedback is.

    *I’m lucky to see 800 miles out of a back tyre generally

  • new tyres? can be worth installing on a more forgiving wheel and leaving inflated for a couple of days. I have had tyres which I couldnt install on my velocity a23 rims (which also have a reputation) but once on/stretched have been able to reinstall without levers. For your problem perhaps a more flexible tyre might help (though this just a guess regarding bontrager tyre)

  • I was hoping to call dibs on the 700x35s.. too late!

    *I’m lucky to see 800 miles out of a back tyre generally

    Serious wattage.

  • Thanks for the suggestions, tyres are old but wire bead and not supple (hence the name). Theyve been fitted for a while pumped up with a horrible bob in them so dont think theres much chance of stretching. I think next step is flexible tyres, I did try a 4 season with the same problem but not really wide enough for the rim .

  • Serious fattage

  • Have you tried a tyre seating tool such as this? A friend ended up buying one for a particularly stubborn rim/tyre combo that neither of us could get to work any other way. It worked really well, the only issue is that you have to carry an extra tool in your puncture repair kit.

  • Cool thanks, I haven’t tried one but I know someone that has something similar , might be worth trying but as you say more concerned about getting it on and then getting caught out , especially as it’s the girlfriends bike !

  • I found that with Conti AT Ride (38-39 mm real width) clearance in the back of my Singlecross is too tight for any mud. Is getting a Cyclo-XKing 35 mm for the back and keeping the AT Ride in front a good idea then? I would like to have one universal set of tyres for running throughout the winter, including some CX races.
    An alternative would be a big overhaul of the bike including a new tubeless ready wheelset, but not convinced I want to spend this much at the moment.

    After rethinking I am seriously considering moving to tubeless now, what tyre would you recommend as all-condition one, capable in the mud but not a typical mud tyre, still fast rolling on hardpack? Preferably not too expensive, and preferably available in several sizes, I need 33-35c in the back while front can easily go 42c. Maybe Terreno Mix or Wet or G-One Bite?

  • I really liked WTB cross boss, got a pair for cheap if you want to have a go.

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Which Tyres?

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