Which Tyres?

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  • I did see the cheap Corsas, such a good deal. Looking for cheap nice gumwalls for this build though, wish I'd started it earlier!

  • Thanks all, will have a look and see if I can get up to 32s.

  • For anyone wanting to try Vittoria Terreno Zeros, I fitted some 700x35 ( 622x37 ) today on some 20mm internal width DT rims and the actual measurement was closer to 40mm

    They were a tight fit, but inflated tubeless with only a track pump

  • I know the feeling! Merlin still have some of the old Schwalbe Ones in tan wall for £20 (see discussion up thread) if you can live with 25mm.

  • All black 700c 35-40mm all surface (but mostly road) tire recommendations?
    I have found:
    Challenge Strada Bianca in 36mm
    Panaracer Gravelking slick in 38mm
    Schwalbe G-One speed in 40mm

    Liking the look of the Panaracer over the Challenge, does anyone have any first hand experience?

  • G-One speeds would be my pick there.

  • I hated gravel kings and love Strada Bianca, but that's comparing the 30mm versions of each so not an exact parallel - the challenge are just loads more supple and roll faster.

  • Strada Bianca it is then :)

  • Vitoria Voyager Hyper, now and forever

  • i have a pair of those stradas 36mm, new, in black

  • I have a Surly LHT with 26" wheels.

    Do people still bother to make good 26" tyres? I want something adventure-toury, so can work well off-road but not horrendous on-road, perhaps around the 2" mark. I also like tan wall, but choice seems very limited.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • marathon supreme

    fuck tanwalls

  • Rene Herse make some nice ones. As amey says schwalbe marathon range come in 26"

  • Schwalbe Smart Sam comes in 26/2.1 and rolls well on road. I’ve got 2.25 rear (Magic Mary 2.35 up front) Pleasantly surprised with on road performance but terrific combo for gravel to slop when off.

  • Interesting, which version? I see Pro and Race vulcanized and TLR

    Thanks for all the other tips, but not really fond of Supreme's.

  • Can anyone confirm if the redish brown hatch colour on the side of a Gator Hardshell is the same colour as the 4 season (non black) sidewall? Google images are telling me they are the same colour but that the 4 season has a denser hatch.

  • SO........moving out of the UK for a wee while and its a strict one bike policy (each), my far better half has a Giant Avail (womens road jobbie thing) and I reckon I can probably get 28c on there. Problem is we need something with some knobbles (keeping up with our toddler on the dirt forest roads). Yes I know its not the ideal bike and yes I know get another bike but im going to make this work at least in the interim. Panaracer make their GK SK in 28c but I cannot find it anywhere to buy. What say ye learned ones, what shall I shod it with? Many thanks.

  • How knobby? Schwalbe Marathon iterations might work for you, or their Delta on the cheap end of things, but it doesn't have the most aggressive tread.

  • A little bit more so than the Marathons. ideally would like something akin to WTB resolute, Speedking type of thing. Nothing to knarly terrain wise but definately over fields, tracks etc and so some knobbles of grip will be needed. Many thanks

  • ive got some wtb cross boss in 35mm, not too bad. wtb riddler is along those lines too, vittoria terreno dry, schwalbe g-ones 38mm...?

  • René Herse Bon Jon pass 35mm - just bought a pair of these

    Any thoughts on how they work on mixed terrain? Going touring in a week and currently running 34mm wtb exposures which are a bit sluggish on road. Im not going full gravel, so i need something that also works on tarmac with low pressures

  • Avoid flint

  • Yeah.. See, our roads are kinda full of flint ;/

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Which Tyres?

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