Which Tyres?

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  • The Schwalbe Smart Sam comes in 1.75 which is 47ish I think

  • Gators all have an off-black sidewall don't they? Not enough to be its own colour, but not pure black either. Get it mudded up and you won't notice anyway 😁

  • Ah ye so it does.

    Unfortunately they only do the classic skin in a couple of the sizes, not that one. Really after gumwalls.

    That could be a good shout to get it up and running though, cheers.

  • Conti Gp classics? Really nice looking tyres, might only be 25c though

  • Got the Veloflex Masters from Bike24 during a sale a few weeks back.

    I’ve only rode Vitorria’s current Corsas and the tread on the rear wheel would wear out by 200km.

    It became an expensive habit so went back to back to GP4000s. From what I understand the Corsa Controls has the same rubber compound as the Corsas but just thicker. May give them a go if I ever find a deal on them.

  • I’ve got an unused tanwall set of the Schwalbe one TLE’s in 28 that I bought from here if they’d be of use? I fancy those new Veloflex tubeless 28’s so would be happy to pass them on for a little less than I got them for

  • I'd maybe be interesting if Jono isn't.
    Not sure it'd be cheaper than I can get them new though

  • I paid £50 for the pair which looks to be cheaper than I’ve spotted them online

  • Yeah that's good. I just meant that I can get discount, not that you are asking too much :)

  • Cool, I’m sure trade will come in under that but shoot me a message if you’d like them

  • If Jono and Phil aren't interested I could be, I'll drop you a pm just in case.

  • Go ahead. The bike they'd go in is still a box of tubes at the moment.

  • Ah just seen this. I'm picking up my new wheels tonight and will give you a shout if I think they would work

  • Cheers for the link. I've got 500+ miles on my Corsa controls and they still look like new, in fact better wear than my GP4000's although they're on my road fixed so may have had a harder life.

  • Really do not understand the hate against the Vittoria's, I've had the new Corsa's on for about 3000km and the back is starting to wear a bit. They do have some cuts but they are lots better than the previous generation.

  • Any cons about Maxxis Overdrives (622x40)? They look fine for their purpose and are rather cheap here.

  • Anyone ridden long road miles on WTB nanos? I know theyre not made for it, but I've got a set in the shed and thinking of putting them on the tourer for summer, to open up a bit of offroading, and can't really be doing with constant swapping the paselas on and off.


  • That central strip wears out quick on the road, and you'll have a good amount of pressure on a tourer.

  • Is there a forum approved option for mixed riding up to 28mm? Basically looking for something bombproof for the paddywagon which is being converted to casual use (riding the local gravel paths with daughter alongside road stuff).

  • Anything will work. The Panaracer Pasela has some tread (maybe desirable for towpaths). I quite like the Schwalbe Durano Performance as just a tough general road tyre.

    Around 28mm tyres aren't really big enough for the benefits of tread to outweigh the lost volume from having tread.

    Are you sure you can't get 32s into those frames?

  • Anyone got any leads on where I can get some Veloflex Master's in 28mm? Can't seem to find any

  • Pasela PT are a good option. Up to 28c they come up much smaller though. Not sure if that's the case for the 32c, so they'd fit?

  • Pasela 32s used to come up to 30 or so for me, but that was in the bad old days of 15mm inner rim widths.

  • You missed out on some bargainous ones on bike24... They still have Corsas in 28 though, if that’s any good.

    They’re replacing the ‘normal’ stock with SPS (code for safe for carbon rim brakes). Sold off in sales no doubt.

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Which Tyres?

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