Which Tyres?

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  • Cyclocross tyres for having a laugh on/cycling to the pub?

    Avoiding punctures and cheap > race performance.

  • Also, is the new Corsa in gumwall essentially going to be like an update to the Veloflex Master, or something different??

    The Master was always a gumwall Corsa with a different name so I suppose they're just being more consistent with their naming.

    Thanks for posting up that link. I've been looking for the hen's teeth of a 25mm Italian gumwall tubeless corsa tyre with at least 320tpi with no joy so far!

    I've had a pair of Challenge Open Corsa HTLRs on order from the distributor since late May but they clearly aren't coming, so I'm going to cancel that today and put in an order direct with Veloflex. I think for the Corsa EVO TLR (because the race is 3 euros more and 10g less but I think will wear faster).

    I'm presuming my Challenge tyres have been delayed by the pandemic, but it's interesting that Veloflex are up and going again with their new range when they're based in Presezzo (Bergamo).

  • Do you fancy red tyres?

    I’ve just been saved from this misfortune, as Big Ted had some cindercrosses for £15 posted.

    For the first time ever, I’ve been tempted by coloured tyres - something hilarious about matching tyres to frame colour on such a battered bike. Also, teal CX tyres are super rad.

  • Agreed - Trying to find an excuse to buy these

  • Green tyres for nasty weather are legit. It’s like Vittoria Pave with green stripes, you can pretend you’re riding Paris-Roubaix, just with fewer bumps and spills (hopefully).

  • Is looking awesome not a good enough excuse?

  • I'm loving my WTB Resolute 42c. Roll well on the road and mother of God are they grippy in all but mud on top of tree roots (that may be all tyres though!) Sub £60 on CRC for the pair.

  • Ordered some of the new Veloflex Corsa Evo in 28c on Saturday afternoon, direct from Veloflex in Italy.

    The last few things I've bought from Italy have taken 2-4 weeks to get here, so was I pretty stunned when they arrived today.

    I had the 25c predecessor and it was a really nice ride but I barely got 2 months out of them, which was unjustifiable for me, so I'm hopeful these new ones last longer.

  • I fancy taking my Bowman out into the Kent countryside to explore some of the gravel and bridle ways I don’t normally see.

    I can fit 32c’s, so am looking for recommendations for a tubeless tyre that will be happy on some of the rougher stuff as well as tarmac.


  • Was curious about this wider tyre trend so I went for the widest tyre that would clear my Canyon frame.

    Purchased these 35mm file tread tyres with a very long name: Vee Tyre Co’s ‘London Road Gravel Commuter’ for £30 a set from PlanetX.

    To be honest I wasn’t expecting much at this price point. I’ve been using these for my daily total 22km commute through London (as a key worker) in the past three months. I run them at about 50PSI and I gotta say they’re really comfortable and they feel as robust as Panaracer Pasela PTs. They’re slower than the GP4000s I normally run but I’m not racing through London and after those double shifts I appreciate the added comfort.

    Did also pick up some Veloflex Masters in 28 for €46 euro for the set last week. And I gotta say they were the easiest tyres I’ve fitted to my tubeless ready wheels. Hopefully they’ll last longer than the Vittoria Corsas.

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  • In my opinion these are some of the best rolling resistant and durable gumwall tyres on the market.

    I had the Corsa G, and they lasted about 4 rides before a swapped them for something more durable.

  • Kinda looks like my fave Conti tire.

  • WTB exposure, schwalbe G one speed.

  • Yep. As above. 30c G One Speed's are the one.

  • Any 700x47/48mm gravel tyres out there? Can’t really find anything.

  • And @JB

    Cheers both

  • Is it the Schwalbe G-One Allround RaceGuard or the Microskin’s? There’s quite a price difference

    EDIT - and then there’s an Evolution version. These tyres are confusing!

  • I think microskin is tubeless rated, probably a higher TPI too.

  • Gator Hardshell, true to size or blow up big like GP4000's? Also, is there any really colour in the sidewall or are they essentially an all black tyre?

    I'd like a durable fast rolling dark gum/brown wall tyre in 28c for my fixed commuter and the Gator's look like they might tick at least 2 out of 3 boxes. My GK's haven't held up all that well.

    Pasela PT's are too light in sidewall colour.

  • Link to where you found the Masters?

    Is there much of a difference between Corsa G and Corsa Control G? I have the latter and so far they've been great, surprised about all the comments on durability.

  • I'd like a durable fast rolling dark gum/brown wall tyre in 28c for my fixed commuter and the Gator's look like they might tick at least 2 out of 3 boxes. My GK's haven't held up all that well.

    Planet X Rolly Poly have held up pretty well for me and brown sidewall is an option. You'll want to switch the front/rear at about 800-1000miles though. Last lot I bought were £13 each, which I can't reall argue with.

  • You're almost up to mountain bike type sizes there. Plenty of options in the 29x2.0 range which is 700x50. Got any more clearance?

  • Thanks but sadly up to £20 and only showing tan wall now.

    The Ruffy Tuffy has a brown wall and looks like a nice option, heavy though. Anyone have any experience of these?

    From what I know the Hardshell is a good skid friendly option and would look nice on an all black rim. On the front I have a machined sidewall so would like some brown in the side wall to tone it down (silver spokes, black rim, MSW, black tyre always looks harsh IMO). Not a big fan of mismatching tyres but if there's a hint of colour in the Hardshell (rear) and I go with a dark brown on the front it might look ok?!

  • Ye I think 47/48 is probably the max. Did look at 29x2.0, maybe I could squeeze 2.0 in but it might not be practical if there was any mud at all. Maybe I'll just have to stick to 45mm.

    I'm sure the 47/48mm gravel tyres will be on their way soon.

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Which Tyres?

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