Which Tyres?

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  • Because?

    Also curious to know. I've run 23mm tubeless, never had any issues yet. Not related to tyre width anyway.

  • Tyre pressures

  • Setting them up was a real pain, which ist not size specific but the small size didn't help either. I still had to run them at high pressures, which made it impossible for the sealant to seal even small punctures. It did seal sometimes and then failed again once i got the pressure up again. I also doubt there is any difference between a tubed and a tubeless tyre once you have to use them with such high pressures, at least i didn't feel any..

  • I have been told by my LBS that their experience is that it's harder to get tubeless tyres in 23-25mm sizes to work well for the reasons @seb1977 just listed.

    I think it depends on the tyre and rim though.

    I'm hoping to get 25mm tubeless to work in the near future so fingers crossed...

  • No opinions on 406 minimal tread tires in the 40-48mm?

  • And I have 2 for sale. Dm me @HoKe

  • I have placed the order for Carbon Pro and Flanders models. Will report back.

  • Merlin still has stock of the older tubeless Pro One in 23mm width. I've ordered a few for my tyre stash.

  • Look at Vittoria Tattoo Light?

    I've got the old discontinued Booze Light, and absolutely love them.

  • Not sure, I’ve noticed the logos aren’t lined up with the valves any more and wonder if they’re slipping round the rim under heavy braking? Did 2 and a bit layers of tape maybe need another layer? Anyone else ever wonder experienced this?

  • Cheers, but just checked the Look and it fits 25 comfortably! Winner!!

  • has anyone run the furious fred? how are they tubeless? considering them for a monstercross type setup where i'd be riding lots of tarmac to rough dirt.

  • Very fragile apparently. Probably good for your application though.

  • Result. Sadly I know from experience that 25s and a 3T Rigida fork requires them old negative shims. Still, should be good for a few years yet.

  • Pleasure to mount. Really supple.

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  • U mad bro ?

  • ... the new open tubulars? Where did you find such a thing?!

    EDIT: scratch that, found back through link. Do report back how they feel/wear...

  • Really keen to here how they perform.

  • I have some Veloflex Records (clincher) that I’ve never quite worked up the courage to put on a bike. Just how fragile are they?

    The web seems to suggest somewhere in between: fine on decent roads, but don’t last, through to velodrome only. Any experiences from on here?

  • First ride report on the FMB Carbon Pro 26 - I have no idea what these are indented for, there is no description on website but looking at pattern and feel looks like they just may be black sidewall versions of the Flanders tyre also 700x26.

    They feel supple, comfortable, tacky akin to pave but felt faster. I also have ordered the Flanders and will mount those also at some point. Need to get the Paris Roubaix version too 700x29.

    I had conti Grand Prix mounted on the zipps before and they were a bit harsh.

  • Fine on decent roads but they don't last. I wouldn't have an issue riding them round Regents Park but perhaps not ideal for 'the lanes'.

    They really are lovely tyres.

  • I did. Setup was a painful, but I didn't had any experience in tubeless at the time.
    Fast and comfy tyres, whether you put an inner tube or not 🙂

    I'm currently running the 48mm version (which isn't advertised as tubeless anymore). It works, and is close to Rene Herse for a fraction of the price.

  • Thanks for the reply 🙂 exactly what I hoped and expected to hear. I’m running Rene Herse tubeless on another bike and loving it. These are going on more of a beater and for €13 a pop thought it was worth a go

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Which Tyres?

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