Which Tyres?

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  • Regarding rim width, heres my take. Yea size wise its a pretty minimal difference (noteworthy if youre pushing clearance limits though), but performance wise its a world of difference.

    I run a 40mm outer rim on 27.5 x 2.25" tires on my touring bike

    A 48m outer on a 26 x 2.3" on my retro mtb daily

    And 52mm rim on a 27.5 x 2.6 rear / 2.8 front my mtb

    You can run much lower pressures without the tire wanting to roll off the rim when cornering. Pinch flats are also a lot less of an issue, and traction is greatly increased. And if you have a supple enough tire, the extra rolling resistance is minimal.

  • Still in the 20th century here and so after some GP4000ii in 23mm or Specialized Turbo in 24mm. Anybody got some lying around and can post?

    Need some more of these please!

  • Reposting from the gravy biek thread soz.

    I have 38c g one all rounds on 24mm internal rims (GR531DB) and they measure about 43 and are too close to my chain stays (rubbing when out of saddle - no good for mud)

    I want some 700x35 (expecting they’ll measure a little bigger) tyres that will ride well on road and reasonably well off road, I’m not expecting miracles in mud but a good all rounder if possible. Have had gravel king SK before and found them grippy but delicate and a bit draggy on road, looking at terravail cannonball durable, anyone got a better suggestion for mixed surface tubeless tyres? (700x35)

    Any feedback on terravails welcome, seem to be a hype/well reviewed brand currently but never know what reviews are “sponsored” etc

  • I've been very impressed by the WTB Riddler which comes in a 35c flavour. I've got a 40c WTB Nano on the front, but I'm starting to think that may be overkill and I should just go for Riddlers F&R.

    Edit. They're 37c not 35. Still damn fine tyres, but may be too wide for you.

  • Can anyone comment on the compound difference between a GP 4000ii and Vittoria Corsa Controls? Trying to choose between them for my fixed/potential track bike and would like something that is at least mildly skid/puncture friendly on the road. In fact does anyone have any other durable fast rolling gum wall suggestions?

    I know we have skid friendly tyre thread but I'm more fussed about speed and comfort so thought I'd try here first.

  • I have pair GP4Seasons inn 28c thats used for one ride and realised need to downsize to 25c; if anyone wants I can do them for £40.

  • I used schwalbe ones in my fixed, fast and nice, didn't got any problems with punctures. Won't skid much in these, or any other fast tire.

  • Do like Schwalbe ones and the tan wall would look nice on my new build but the last time I tried them they wore down pretty fast. TBH been pretty happy with my Gravel Kings in terms of comfort/speed so may try some 26c's if there's nothing more obvious.

  • I've found gravelkings a lot more fragile than ones, but can't compare 23c tubed at 100 psi with 38c tubeless at 30-40.

  • What's the go to 25c commuter tyre at the minute? Puncture resistance is the main priority but would also like a bit of speed. Black or tan wall is fine.

  • The newer Rubino Pro G+ has been serving me well, they're definitely my go-to commuting tyres now. I recently got some Conti gp5000's for my commute/weekend bike as I can only fit one bike in my flat now and in less than a month they're covered in cuts and had 2 punctures. I'm not impressed.

  • the cheaper bontrager hard-case are good for that. they don't have much feel, but okay priced.

  • The Rubino Pro G+ looks decent actually, not too expensive either!

  • lifeline prime armour road. very hardy. went through a period of thinking they were slippery in the wet but turns out it was all in my head.

  • Has anyone got some spare, nice road tyres they’d sell me?
    I’ve been using a pair of Challenge Elite for the last couple of years. They’re super fast and grippy, lovely tyres but I’m getting a puncture every single ride now.
    Looking for something fast, folding, 700c x 25
    I’d buy new but given the current climate, I’d like to carry on riding my bike without having to pay £60 for a pair of tyres

  • Best 26 inch tyres, 2.2-2.4 inches? Mostly on-road urban but a bit of light off-road too. Something that looks good on a retro MTB.

  • I’ve got a set of 700x23 veloflex corsa if you’re keen? Bit narrower than you want I know

  • I’ve just found some 25c veloflex :) but thanks

  • Any reason why a Pirelli cinturato road comes in 70 tpi,
    when the gravel ones comes in 120 tpi ?
    Same compound.
    Same price , sadly.

  • Thicker layer on the gravel tyre?

  • 20g difference on 700x35 tyres claimed weight, not much.

    My bad the compounds differ, smartnet silica ,
    versus speedgrip on gravel.

  • Doesn't matter, they ride lovely.

  • Anyone know what these are and where they stand in the Rubino lineup? Wiggle live chat obvs have no clue.


    Do Vittoria make a rubino iv without graphene?

  • 700x28 tyre option to go on commuter/touring bike for spring and summer for a faster, more fun feel that doesn't break the bank?

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Which Tyres?

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