Which Tyres?

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  • I was just reading the wiggle reviews about the G ones, a lot saying they’re like butter. Was going to give them a go but they’re sold out of 35s most places.

  • If you want to try them, Planet X have the tan wall 35s for cheap.

  • I actually like the ride quality of the GK, but they are a cunt to get on and off rims. They remind me a lot of Paves which is a tyre of teh Gods. But Paves are easy to get on and off rim.

  • G One speeds been brilliant to me. Little rubber left, only one flat (and that's because I forgot to top up sealant). GKs on the other hand they seem to suck glass

  • is there a consensus preference between gravelking SK and non-SK versions? do the SK versions still roll well enough for winter club rides? they're a little heavier. are the non-SK versions actually decent on gravel? seem slick

  • The ramparts 38s are still holding air tubeless but not ridden yet due to the frame delay and just riding in the heat.

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  • I ride with the sk version (32mm) on my Pacer. Have no problems keeping up on my Saturday morning rides with a group, we average about 18mph, so not a fast pace. They aren't as smooth running as the file tread version, but last a hell of a lot longer, and don't cut up as easily, great for nipping off the beaten track as well.
    Depending what width you're looking at, also consider Specialized Roubaix Pro, had the 30/32 tubed version, rather nice tyres.

  • Are there any skin wall track tubulars I could get away with fitting to an 80s Colnago Pista?

    The ones I've got on it are perished and I wouldn't mind actually riding it to work sometimes,

    Would Continental Giro's be sacrilege?

  • Why track tubs? Vittoria Corsa tubs or Veloflex

  • ideal, thanks - I want something that I can ride gravel on + do some touring + keep up with 16-18 mph winter road rides so these might be the ticket...

  • Thanks!

  • In the right thread this time.

    I got some new wheels from my lbs, and new Vitoria Corsa tyres to fit to them

    I started to try and fit them at 6pm

    It is now 9pm

    I have changed tyres before, I have put on new tyres before, it takes some muscle but they go on

    I shit you all not, these tyres will not go on this wheel, I've tried everything, soapy water, starting at the valve, warming them

    These things will not go on this wheel

    I even tried putting the older tyres on the wheel I rode home on? Bike man just popped these on with his hands?! They won't go on the wheel.

    Has anyone got any advice on how to get these on my wheel because I'm about to take up using an electric scooter.

    As thepeginator pointed out in the other thread I'm double checking the tyre is in the "well", still struggling greatly

  • Tried talc?

  • We need pictures.

    What are the rims?

  • I get to this point repeatedly, it's unbelievably tight, won't even make it the brake track

    The rim is a kinlin 38mm alloy rim

    25c Vittoria control g2

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  • Desperate measures - use something to tie the tyre in place at one end just where it’s on the rim, an old toe clip strap is perfect, or a tie-wrap.

    Then work round the tyre pushing it towards the other side hanging off to get more slack Then it’s just working the tyre onto the rim towards the tie-down side

    Not sure if any of that makes sense though...

  • Had the same problem with my Vitoria Corsa 32, had never had any issue like this fitting tires before.
    Went down to my LBS, his first question was if I actually had the correct size for the rim.
    5min later they were fitted on the bike, fingers crossed for no flats.

  • I assume those are kinlin xr31t?
    I have trouble fitting Schwalbe Pro One 25c and gravel Kings 26c on those. Gp4k went in no issue though.
    The pro one were easily solved with lever as it is tubeless. Killed one inner tube when putting on the GK with levers.
    @cookiemonster method of fixing one part of the loose end with something is quite useful actually.

  • Thank you for your advice guys, I think I'll get a clamp and a tool for future tyre fitting excursions

    I tried a bit more last night, couldn't get it on. I've dropped them off at the bikeman to see if they can get them on (the man took one look and let out a large sigh), they said d they'll try a realistic amount of time, if it's a no go the gp4k may be a go

    A rapha sales assistant once described my physique as "froomey" so it's safe to say an easier tyre to get on and off would be good for punctures

  • final update to this ordeal, the bikeman got them on breaking 3 tyre levers and my self esteem in the process

  • Good luck when you puncture in the lanes :)

  • I’ve been there too. Something about new open tubulars and tubeless compatible rims I think.

    Trying to put a new pair of challenge strada biancas on a pair of Alex rims took me two weeks, pinched 4 tubes and caused my thumbs to bleed. I also have a Froomey physique. Only way I managed was with 3 tyre levers, holding one pair with my knees.

    A year later, they’ve stretched enough I can put them on in 15mins with two tyre levers and only a moderate amount of swearing, but I’d be hesitant to buy a new pair again.

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Which Tyres?

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