Which Tyres?

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  • High pressure probably. Does low pressure decrease punctures? I guess maybe 40psi? 45psi? I dunno. How do people know what pressure they're running? I pump them up to 40 psi then ride them until I notice they seem soft or I feel like pumping them up. Are you lot pumping every morning before you leave the house? Pumping just isn't part of my lifestyle in that way.

  • Running lower pressure also lowers your chance of puncturing. 40 psi is pretty high for 2.35" I think. You wanna have half of that probably, also depending on how much you weigh. Then again I haven't tried those tyres so I can't comment on their durability.

  • appreciate the input, will give it a shot.

  • Mmm cushy ride but the steering is all fucked up now so I'll have to try and add anther 5psi

  • Surely you can’t get as low as 20psi unless you’re running tubeless?

  • Thanks for the update. I read 43mm between the chainstays so maybe a touch more clearance with the slick gravel king and on a 19mm rim. Think I’ll give it a go.

    What rims are you running btw? They look smart without logos etc

  • Are the Panaracer gravel king tyres the go to for gravel rides? Not planning on going tubeless so perhaps there's some decent cheaper ones?

  • For tubed you can go Schwalbe G-One Allround or Speed Performance.

  • G-One at wiggle best bet.

    GK compound is soft. I've had a lot of glass and flint punctures.

  • Top info, thanks very much. Was looking at these actually.
    So much glass in Melbourne.

  • +1 GK are fragile. I'm using Stan's race and so far is plugging the glass shards, won't even try with tubes

  • coincidence? a friend switched over to 28c GKs from the 23c Tyres he had on previously. First ride home, got a flat on the rear, when he woke up the front was flat too. Both from glass / debris. Hadn’t gotten a flat previously in about 4 years of commuting 😬

  • Maybe he was due a couple

  • I've been using the standard Gravel Kings for the last 6 months riding around Hackney/Walthamstow marshes, up and down the canal, around Epping forest; no punctures.

  • Best tyres for mix of roads & alpine mudslides?

  • Which size / with tubes?

  • 38c. With 28-32ish inner tubes.

  • Yo, what's the word on the Ramparts? Been pondering those as we seem to have similar ideas about tyres. Been meaning to give those a go.

    Other question to you rubber fiends. Whats a proper light 650b tyre. Ideally 2.4+. They all seem pretty porky.

  • Said it before but I got loads of cuts and punctures in 32c GKs, they’re not worn out, I just can’t be bothered with them any more

  • Wow, switched from back to front my GravelKings after bit more than 1 and 1/2 year, lactating tyres:

  • GK's are crap. End of.

  • I had good experiences with them, but they don’t handle glass well.

    You want a tyre that handles glass, get a marathon/plus.

    G ones get cut up to shit as well.

  • marathon/plus

    810 gms of joy

  • Funny thing is, I've had the exact opposite. Two sets of both and the G-one speeds have held up to perfection. Nay a single cut or puncture (touch wood, all praise the puncture gods, sacrifices will be made in thy names!) to the point they're flat spotted to hell.

    Still going strong! Will be trying to replace them with Corsa Controls G2 TLR's in sweet sweet tanwall.

    Also, this is on the commuter...

  • Should have clarified they were g one all whatevers.

    That’s the thing with tyres, everyone’s experience differs.

    I’ve joined the 42c sport contact brigade for commuting and have to say, regardless of the fact I only paid £8 a pop, they ride excellently. Will be my touring and commuting tyre of choice from now on.

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Which Tyres?

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