Which Tyres?

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  • Can't find 650C tires in 25 or 28mm... help !

  • Awesome thanks !!!

  • True.

    Got another puncture this morning ffs (different bike).

  • Do you see glass and think "oooh shiny things" and ride through it? ;)

  • This morning that is literally what I did (brain saw glass, brain also just rode straight through it, but in fairness the tyres on my commuter have had zero visitations since their installation nearly two years ago, so they were bound to give up soon).

  • Right, @Hulsroy after a couple of hundred miles commuting on the Rolly Poly I quite like them. Very much in the middle between fast and tough. Not race-fast but certainly not slow/sluggish when accelerating, I was on Marathon Green Guard before so anything was going to be more zippy than them. Not super supple but pretty comfortable and smooth rolling. They're visibly narrower than 28mm, though. So much so I actually got the callipers out - 26mm at 80psi. 7/10 pretty good - but better when on offer.

  • Anyone riding Gravelking SK, are they quite tall or more wide? Trying to see if 38's will fit in my asymmetric stays on effin Crockett...

  • Bit of both, they rebranded the 40mm to 43mm as they came up large. I run 43mm on Mavic open pro ust, couple of images on the linked page.

  • Trying some Clements but clearance against driveside chainstay is tight. Maybe 4mm

    Will probs go for SK in 38’s I reckon...

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  • 4mm, that's more than enough. Why only on one side? Asymmetric stays, or an off centre wheel?

  • Anyone used teravail rampart tyres


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  • Has anyone else been using the corsa g tyres that has been getting a lot of punctures? I've installed these on both the track and roadie and so far nothing but misery so far.

  • they are fragile but fast

  • Definitely fast, but so was my schwalbe ones, but it never has so many punctures in one year compared to these so far.

  • I’ve been using corsa graphenes with no issues. I would not ride them in shitty weather tho. Had more punctures on my gravelkings tbf.

  • Asymmetric stays 👎🏼

  • Bought some g-ones on wiggle given they’re 21 quid each atm.

  • Turbo cottons are faster-er.

  • Not anymore than say challenge with a gum wall. I’ve had a few of those fail spectacularly.

  • Just had my heartbroken by my paves, after getting put to the sword by a piece of flint down in deepest darkest Kent. Instant puncture, do not pass go, do not collect £100. The one time I don't have my pump too. At least it hadn't been two hours riding in miserable rain, oh no, it had. At least I didn't have to walk potentially miles in old speedplay cleats with no covers, oh no, I did. I managed to borrow a pump from some very kind souls sheltering at the side of a lane, so I swapped out the shredded inner for a new tube, with a temporary boot covering the slash; all good for the next ten miles, until the unthinkable happened again and once again the tyre went bang. At this point, my phone taking inspiration from my spirit, gave up the ghost and decided to call it a day too, turning off well and truly. Thankfully a very kind person and their daughter took pity on me and gave me a lift to Orpington station, as I tried to make chat all the while dripping wretchedly away on the back seat. I felt like a bad pooch.

    As soon as I have a replacement tyre I will ride back down and give them some wine for their troubles. Now back home and licking my wounds, I'm trying to decide whether to buy more paves, and accept that any tyre probably would have succumb to flint like that, or whether there is a better alternative. I'm just a sucker for the green paves.

    TLDR: paves vs alternative vs flint. Who wins?

  • Paves are terrible with flint (probably because of the nice soft compound). Pains me to say it, but there are better tyres out there now.

  • I hear you. What do you go for in place of paves?

  • Speaking of paves i have a set of Roubaix tan wall tyres going up for sale in the classified if anyone wants first dibs .

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Which Tyres?

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