Which Tyres?

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  • Looking for a pair of 700c tubeless tyres for touring over summer (tarmac/gravel/trail action) for a bike that can take anything up to mountain bike style width tyres. G-Ones are top of the short list currently but width seems to top out at 38. Do Schwalbe do a tyre that's wider and is it worth it...Thoughts gratefully received

  • Almotions are meant to be very good! Rolling resistance scores low. Pricey though. 2.0” and 2.15” options in 29”(28). I’ve found increased volume (and associated lower pressures) makes up for lack of tread for light off-road/gravel duties (running WTB Horizon 650bx47)

  • Almotions

    I saw one IRL the other day and was surprised how did it manage to get good rolling resistance review!

    Racers are faster though: https://www.bicyclerollingresistance.com­/tour-reviews/schwalbe-marathon-racer-20­15

  • Thunder Burt!

  • Anyone know where to get gravel kings in 35s? Not the SKs

  • Essentially a tubeless Big Apple, no? No reason to not expect them to roll fast IMO

  • Thanks for the advice everyone

  • Anyone fancy a swap?

    I have a pair of 700x30c Schwalbe g ones (brand new) that I’d like to exchange for something narrower, that measures up at around 25c

    And 2x Maxxis Hookworm, 26 x 2.5”

    Would need something closer to 2inches as I’m having trouble with v brakes clearing them. They’re in barely used condition. Set up tubeless in the past so will have some sealant residue in places

  • I've got a pair of Schwalbe One Pros Pro Ones whatever the fuck they're called. One has been fitted so has some jizz residue but neither of them ridden. Think they're 28s.

    I also have a 42mm Vittoria Hyper Voyager that's had little use that I can't use any more to get rid of.

  • a 42mm Vittoria Hyper Voyager

    Just one?

  • Yep, it was the last one they had in stock and I just wanted to test out the biggest tyres I could find. Used it for a few commutes but new frame doesn't fit it.
    I do still have some 32mm and 35mm but I'm more likely to actually use those.

  • "Kristoff chose to stick with Vittoria Corsa Graphene 2.0 25mm tubeless tyres in conjunction with Campagnolo Bora WTO tubeless-ready wheels that he had raced on throughout the spring. However, on the brutal cobbles of Paris-Roubaix the Norwegian felt that the combination had let him down and that he had made a mistake in selecting them.

    The Gent-Wevelgem winner suffered three punctures before finally switching to normal tyres but by then his race was done"

    1. 25mm LOL
    2. tubeless LOL
  • tubeless sounds ideal for PR but 25mm (especially for a heavier guy like him) sounds way too little.

  • Why?

    Other than tubeless marketing bollocks tubular is the obvious choice when you have team cars. You can ride on them for ages when they're flat without them coming off. They don't have rim hooks to worry about so far less chance of pinch flat, which is still more likely with tubeless (the tyre, obvs).

    They didn't reveal the nature of the punctures so it's equally possible he just rode in the gutters and picked up a bunch of thorns. But the way he says he regrets his choice makes it sound like they're not right for the job.

  • tubeless sounds ideal for PR but 25mm...

    Well he is lighter than us, but yeah, 25mm is old school sizes, and I'm surprised* he accepted tubeless given the massive advantage of tubular in the Classic (as Hippy just said).

    *Well not entirely as it is sponsored.

  • He's only 78 kg. Fucking featherweight.

  • tbf i'd somehow even forgotten that tubulars were a thing.

  • Hey, thanks. Got a feeling that 28 will be too wide for the rear... Got 26c panaracers on there at the mo and they rub on the brake caliper once every revolution, tyre has a slight lump on it. Deffo 28c? Silly old school frame with tight clearances.

  • Yeah, that'll never work. Um, I have skinnier tyres (think semi-used race tyres) but are you going tubeless with them or do you just need something skinny? How heavy are those Hookworms?

  • They're not a thing unless you're a decent trackie or you have a team car following you most of the time (or you bought stupid wheels because they were cheap since no one else wants tubs).

  • Not going tubeless

    Hookworms are definitely a weighty tyre. Internet says about a kilo

  • i mean wouldn't much larger tubeless tires be the real winner here? i bet a 650b 50mm tire would be considerably faster than what they run.

  • 50mm? bro do u even aero? And even if they were less likely to puncture, they could still puncture and then you're still fucked compared to running tubulars.

  • I wanted Hookworms but ended up with Crazy Bob (>1kg each) and then got some of the Big Ben (~800g each). Now on Kojaks. Someone complimented the Inbred this morning in fact, thinking they were 650B or something. Nah mate, just 26" w. 2" Kojaks.

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Which Tyres?

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