Which Tyres?

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  • im picking up my new wheels from blb tomorrow and need to get some reasonably priced tyres to go on them, preferably black with no colour but i dont mind if they are coloured and not too expensive, also id like to be able to pick them up from blb so they need to sell them, anybody got any ideas?

  • speaking of tyres, anyone have the problem of when putting on new tyres you get the annoying bloody lump round the valve that is a general pain in the arse to get rid of? Any solutions other than stressing, sweating, swearing for an hour??

    Sorry to hijack the thread so early on but saves starting a new one.

    I got some sexy blue michellen prorace ones the other day. it looks rad.

  • Yeah, you gotta push the valve in to the tyre and wiggle it about...but mainly push.

  • when you put on new tyrews do u make sure that they are covered in either talc or wqashing uo liquid? this makes them go a lot easier and may help get rid of your problem.... now back to the subject, any tyre recomendations?

  • Vittorria Rubino Pro.... loads of colours and they have a nice feel to them.... I've never had a puncture on them since I got them, 3 months ago

  • does you know the price at all? and thanks for the quick response.

  • if you definately want no punctures go for Specialised Armadillo's.

  • they got cheapo bonti hardcases in BLB. £16.

    i think they got gatorz as well. i use both.

  • Anything grippy at the front like the Conti GP 3000 now 4000. If you are into skidding, go for a harder compound at the rear like the Conti UltraGator. The Bontarager are cheaper thant the UltraGator but will not last you too long if you skid regularly. The UltraGator will, for sure, last you much longer and should be around 20 quid.

  • I love vittorias, I rock Rubinos on my race bike and Zaffiros on the fixie. Never a puncture on either. The Zaffiros are cracking a bit on the sides though - I got them for £2.50 each so I reckon they'd been kicking around the warehouse a while.

  • thanks, ill see what they have tomorow, but this has really helped, and i kinda do a bit of skiding.

  • vittoria rubinos (not the pros) all the way. grippy when you want it, skids when you want it, puncture resistant enough if you pump it up properly (i haven't had one yet) got colours when you want it, saves you money when you want it (parker international do them for 6.45)

    expensive tyres are for roadies and i don't believe in that...

    other than that schwalbe blizzards and bonti hardcases are great workhorses

  • yup, got some rubinos about a month ago, pretty happy! they were cheap cheap cheap, and I went from an average of 2 punctures a day, to 0 in a month! yay.

  • You average two punctures a day? Do you ride over nail beds out of habit?

  • those rubinos look the way to go then. thanks.

  • I did Hippy, I did.... I only rode the stock tires for 3 days but it was enough.. Lots of pinch flats, a couple of little glass bits. I gotta say I was used to riding over everything and anything and riding a "road" bike for the first time, I didn't have the instinct to avoid potholes and what not..

  • bontager race lite hard cases and speaking of which anyone know where i can get a solid black pair all the ones i seen around have a horrible grey section down the middle

  • i like the grey stripe, myself

  • I don't think they do them all black.

    if they did, I'd have them!

    tyres are overrated though really, just get some strong rims, thick rim tape and ride light

  • RPM tyres are overrated though really, just get some strong rims, thick rim tape and ride light

    You use rims ?

  • leeww [quote]RPM tyres are overrated though really, just get some strong rims, thick rim tape and ride light

    You use rims ?[/quote]

    what's a wheel without a rim?

  • Spokes and a hub?

  • spokes?

    pah. spokes are for nancy-boys

  • RPM spokes?

    pah. spokes are for nancy-boys

    I just run through the streets holding some handle bars above my head.

  • I don't even exist

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Which Tyres?

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