Happy Flant Day! (Day of the flying ants)

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  • I know.

    It's a swarm of posts.

    You flunt.

  • Looks ominous

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  • Yep - it's definitely today in W4. The annual swarm of flants that release into my kitchen is happening downstairs as we speak. I've shut the door on it, worry about it in a few hours!

  • You know its just occurred to me, I've not seen a single flant in 15 years I've been in Scotland. Do they not come this far up?

  • You need to move to Scotlant.

  • I see what you done did there though

  • They’re flanting right outside my back door, leaving me with the choice of having either an unpleasantly hot kitchen or an unpleasantly flanty one

  • I'm working in Fareham this weekend and there are loads of them outside Buoy's Plaice fish and chip shop

  • We’ve hundreds here.

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  • .

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  • Yep they're starting here, right next to the back door when it's bloody boiling and I'd prefer it open

  • Disturbed an ants nest on the allotment earlier, a few flants in there but mainly just the normal workers. Probably set them back months of work. Sorry ants.

  • Lots out in SE6 today.

  • Yeah loads on the pavements of New Cross today

  • Just past over here twice . How do the gulls (now stoned) know?

  • About to be stormy Bracknell and I've got the flants!

  • No flants here yet but could be soon

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  • Nothing up north yet . Tomorrow looks ideal #stonnedbirds

  • It's happening!

  • Newport Rd E10 awash with the blighters

  • N4 flants visible from 3rd storey window, none visible at ground level.

  • Confirmed sighting of FLANTish buggers in N16 pub garden.

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Happy Flant Day! (Day of the flying ants)

Posted by Avatar for Hobo @Hobo