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  • Mental difference / illness diagnosis are always in flux.

    Medical professionals are people too with their own sets of biases and prejudices. But there are no 100% accurate brain scan diagnosis for ASD atm, and if there were, those were out of reach for most anyway due to lack of MRI scanners.

    So for now we have to assume the DSM gets it mostly right. With some slight skepticism.

    Internet diagnosis are I suspect more off than internet bikefits :p

  • Well you did start it off with a really play ground statement, what did you expect?

    Next time why don't you start off with "Teachers pet" or "Square Spectacle bum fag" if you are going to go there. At least I might find it amusing.

    That's rich coming from someone who called @ùbér_grùbér a "thicko bellend". Also, I've done nothing but address your arguments and you called me a "stupid fucking cunt face" for my trouble.

    It's pretty hilarious to see someone who thinks he's mister logic (i) illustrate that he can't tell the difference between an ad hom (you're wrong because you're a cunt) and straightforward abuse (you're wrong because your arguments are shit, and you're a cunt) and (ii) dedicate so many posts to a blatant appeal to authority (my logic is unassailable because I have degree and I write code!!!11!!!!)

    Also, given that you're so keen on the idea that people aren't presenting their arguments because they don't have one, you've still to respond to my question about how "cyclists suffer from social perception X" and "motorists suffer from social perception X", "mean the same". Every time I ask you for clarification of this startling new development in referentiality you come back with "OMG you're so bad a logic".

  • I'm saying quite clearly that on here you do not behave like an adult never mind an intelligent one.>

    Yeah come on this is lfgss try to be more mature. It's amazing Lucas hasn't noticed that noone else ever swears or calls people names on here and it's really not the done thing.

  • Guys, we've all moved on.

  • all i did was ask the cunt if he spoke esperanto to try and lighten the mood
    fuck him the cunt

  • Everyone seems to have grown tired of the Katie Hopkins thread and its mildly acerbic jibes...

    Why can't we just go back to that?

  • I hope so.

  • Katie hopkins jokes? MTB magazine were doing those back in 1998.


  • Blimey! I make the simple mistake of rehydrating with a nice Merlot after a long ride, causing an early to bed moment, then it all goes mental for a bit!

    I didn't feel I need to know more about this big ginger tom's big set of knackers though! Ha! I chuckled :0)
    I hope you pointed them out, before leaving, with your penis tail between your legs!!
    Oh, back on topic, I hope Katie Hopkins is at a party, when someone points at her big ginger bollox and laughs.

  • ^ ha!
    Wrong fucking thread fail :0)

    I'll leave it here though, for future piss taking and things.....

  • Single-handedly...

  • This thread is the popcorn thread.

    I suggest everyone who has commented in this thread more than a few times in the last week find a room. Either it will be Thunderdome and only the biggest troll will emerge alive, or you're all going to disappear in a haze of chem induced frottage.

  • disappear in a haze of chem induced frottage

    Like the sound of this. List:


  • Popcorn in the popcorn thread?!

  • ^ just you wait 'til oliver gets here. he's going to go {entirely unverifiable} biblical on you're anus.

    Because of 'knitwits'? If they were the sort of people who knit their own yogurts, that might even be appropriate. :)

  • It's happened many, many times before. :)

    lucas was a pretty successful troll, really, considering people were still talking about him even while he wasn't posting anything yesterday.

  • This was the only spectrum I cared about.

  • It happens mate because a lot of people take themselves too seriously. On one thread there were people just claiming the equivalent of not having any sin, "I have never driven too faster ever" ... they were obviously lying.

    Fuck I used to take myself too seriously a good few years ago. You get over yourself as time goes on.

  • Is there a Thunderdome Thread because I would love it!

  • shit off.

  • Leaaaave it. LEAVE IT.

  • Why does the dog have Dreamcast symbols as part of the watermark? Are you some sort of Sega Supremacist?!

  • That looks like Argyle, so probably an ex doper-dog.

    ....and it only has one ball.

  • "I have never driven too faster ever" ... they were obviously lying.

    lols, aw you cute naive twit.

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