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  • I'm defo a straps high, over everything kind of girl (with the bag high on my back). Only problem I get is with breathing sometimes with a really really heavy load. Made to measure makes a big difference, I struggle if I wear Jimbilly's grobag as the straps just don't work, bit object's is fine (as if my chest is as small as his...hahaha.) But I've realised I wear all my bags high, musette, handbag whatever, so I don't know.

  • I hated having my boobs "delineated" so; I now wear both straps above the boobline and never have a problem with restricted movement or breathing except with really heavy loads. The difference it's made to my lower back is startling, though, in that I barely have any lower back pain anymore. Win!

  • btw, thanks for the rec, blowfish, I just wore my new pair of Craft 3/4s today and loved them. the fabric is much thinner than the Gore I normally wear but the padding is a perfect thickness. these are definitely summer knicks, though.

  • Just took delivery of my third pair of Swrve shorts today. Can't recommend them enough. This pair - cotton 3/4's, size 30, slate blue. The other two are still going strong. Looking a little worn, expectedly, but not a hole or tear after a year. That is pretty amazing in my experience.

  • I keep trying to buy more swrve, I really want to, but they never have the right stock when I check! do you just wear the regular 3/4s? I don't get on with any of the regular cuts, but I love my skinny 3/4s. perhaps a size bigger would be better though, a touch too skinny ;)

  • oh, does anyone have opinions on dhb bibs? I have decided I want to try them, but I want summery ones. there are a few different ones on there. it's between them (maybe the Aeron Race or the team bibs) or howies, I like the look of the howies, but they cover the back and I'm just too hot to bear the thought of an extra synthetic layer under my jersey. (yes I realise it isn't always this hot...)

  • hoefla, I have the dhb Aeron bibs & they're pretty good. The chamois is not too thick but I haven't had any issues with it bunching up, the straps stay put under your jersey, & they seem to be fairly true to size which helps with ordering. Saying that I'd like to give the howies bib shorts a go but may wait till autumn before purchasing.

  • I have the dhb Aeron Pro bibs too and really like them. I have the Mens xs which I think were cheaper than the women's at the time of purchase.

  • hmm the women's Aeron Pro have the centre strap thing. centre vs side?
    it's another boobs+cycling gear dilemma.
    standard Aeron's only £24 at the moment... decisions...

  • I've only ever had side straps and they work.
    Interested to know about center strap experiences too.

  • Question for those of you with long hair - I need a new helmet and I'd like one where it's easy to pull a pony tail through the back in the summer to keep the hair off my neck. And I'd rather have black or red than anything pastel or with flowers on it which seems to rule out the women's specific ones? So many of the ones online don't make it easy to see the back of them so you can't get an idea of how easy it is to pull the hair through once all the fitting dials are there.

  • I've got a lot of hair, and a kask helmet. Works great, the back is very adjustable, I can usually fit my hair in a bun. Best helmet I've had!

  • My Met is ridiculously shit.
    Forced into a low pony, by the end of a 25 min commute it's rather damp.
    The tightening mechanism is so shit, it wouldn't be safe for a child to touch for fear of the small pieces coming apart - choking hazard.
    Looking at their site, seems they all have it.
    So geez, wonder what would happen on impact.
    Didn't realise this until after I bought it and wore it, by then I couldn't take it back. Weird helmet refund policies at Cycle Surgery.

  • I have a Specialized Tactic II and there isn't a space at the back you can put a ponytail through - I pull mine low and have it underneath - but the 1 dial adjustment thing is pretty cool. I've got used to loosening it, putting it on, tightening it, every time now. it's much easier and doesn't catch. also when my hair's wet it takes up much more room?

  • went to the Cycle Show that's on at Excel last night, free entry, I didn't see all of it as I got there late - but Pearl Izumi stand has loads of sample sale stuff, mens and womens Mediums only, all jerseys £20, shorts/tights £30, jackets £40. bargainous. they were expecting new stock this morning, I'm quite tempted to go back and see if they have any full waterproof jackets in but I should work really. and the womens M is a mite too small for me...

    also, there was Ana Nichoola stand. I mentioned previously that I'm not a fan of the marketing spiel. they even do it in person, I was there mooching around, salesperson comes up to me and asks (super bright!) "hello! have you heard of Ana Nichoola?"
    "yep. I have some."
    "oh great! what do you think?"
    "yeah, nice stuff."
    "you get lots of good comments yeah?"
    "er, no. not so much."
    "oh really? ..." etc.
    like, WTF, can you at least humour my deranged fantasy that I'm not dressing up for other people and constantly measuring my success and self-worth against their validation and admiration of my trendy threads? please?

    in other news, I seem to have accumulated quite a lot of padded shorts (considering I don't wear them regularly). most recently got the dhb Aeron Race bibs. verdict is that they have the best pad - very thin, non-bunching/wrinkling, with a nice surface (soft and kinda dimpled/bumpy), the bibs are generally fine EXCEPT my leg seems to have reacted to the silicon grippy bits, such that at the end of the day I could read the dots and dhb logo in raised red around my thighs :/ I did have them on all day, so maybe not so much of a problem with a short ride. but basically rules them out for sunday. plus going to the loo is a little awkward.

    so, I'll probably go with the Pearl Izumi Select shorts which are really comfy - no gripper at all, the low V waist is comfy too although it's a bit strange (just really low, kinda frames my belly button!). also they survived sliding down the road remarkably well. HOWEVER the pad is too thick and the critical area is really narrow, like, wierdly narrow, and folds up when on (and curved round you) because it's so thick.

    Rapha shorts are a kind of middle ground - fairly comfy, silicon grippers but I didn't seem to react with them, pad a bit thick.

    can someone make me the Pearl Izumi shorts with the dhb pad?!

    yet to try Craft. are they the magic?

  • I went against all my principles and bought the eye wateringly expensive Assos ones recently. They are financially crippling but my god they're comfortable.

  • While on the subject of shorts would anybody like to buy the following,selling as I have chubbed up a bit and its such a waste sitting in the cupboard

    Pair of Campagnolo Womens Specific Shorts in a super soft fabric and a very comfy padding ,not too wide like my izumi's ,have worn these a max of 4 times ,labeled XL but a bit tight for me now and I am busting out of size 12's at the mo so I would say 10-12 .....£23 posted

    Campagnolo pull on over jersey with two front pockets and no rear,nice and warm as its a slightly thermal fabric labelled XXL but will fit size 12 to small 14 with jersey underneath ....£25 posted

    Pics here

  • update to the above, wore the Pearl Izumi shorts yesterday and they gave me my first ever saddlesore! seemed that the cover over the pad got a wrinkle on the edge, arsecheeks rather than anything more critical, at least. luckily I was carrying some sudocream so once I'd noticed it I put some on and it was ok. otherwise, confirmation that the thick funny-shaped pad is really not that comfy, which is a real shame given how comfy the shorts are. I am thinking of maybe sewing some stretchy fabric around the insides of the cuffs of the DHB bibs to cover the silicon, not sure what I can do about the Pearl Izumi...

  • The Coven x Milltag bibshorts are super comfortable and fit really nicely. I love the gripper...


  • most recently got the dhb Aeron Race bibs. verdict is that they have the best pad - very thin, non-bunching/wrinkling, with a nice surface (soft and kinda dimpled/bumpy)

    Have been using the other dhb bibs for ages (the normal aeron ones) and they've been absolutely perfect. I noticed that the saddle on my new bike was horribly uncomfortable after a while and have been fiddling with it like a lunatic until one day I used it without any padding at all. It was fine then, so it seems that the issue is actually my bibs rather than the equipment. Glad I found that out before buying a third saddle to try out. Urgh.

    Anyway, I've just ordered these bibs instead as you've said the pad is thin, cheers. Hopefully this will do the trick.

  • hope they work out.
    it does seem silly that there aren't more womens shorts with a thin pad, the thick pad thing is really not so great. it kinda negates having a well fitted saddle.

  • Question for those of you with long hair

    I go for pigtails usually, has worked well this summer

    About the bibs/shorts I am currently on a mission to find some comfy and awesome ones I can wear to the track as my current shorts are badly fitting and hideous too. I was thinking I might treat myself to the new rapha classic womens bibs as I got the womens 3/4 bibs in a sample sale and they are the most comfortable thing I've ever worn in my LIFE, but much too warm for this weather.

  • Ok so after a session at Herne Hill and the journey there and back I can confirm that the Rapha womens bibs are super awesome. The padded bit is quite snug and fitted which was quite strange at first but actually it makes wearing them both on and off the bike easier because you never have to adjust them, and they look amazing which is always a plus.

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Women specific cycle clothing

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