Women specific cycle clothing

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  • No they don't, not yet anyway Hats...

    They are very kind to polo players, I guess because they have one working for them!

  • Grammar doesn't get much worse than that.

  • Nice! Sounds brummie...

  • Y'all, do you know of a rainshower jacket that the arms come off to make a gilet that uses magnets instead of velcro to stay down that you really like and won't break the bank?

  • Does such a thing exist? Sounds amazing!

  • I'm not a lady, but I used to have something like that. It was made by cannondale. If you have a look at my old for sale threads you will see it, I think I managed to find the name of the jacket at the time, too. Not sure if they still make it.

  • Le Betws trousers are full of win for £9, apart from the gaping waist. Not sure if I can deal with a waistband that makes it look like I possess rolls.
    Vanity sizing makes Seraphinx sad. Why can't everyone just fucking accept their measurements?!

  • YES!! Twin six ladies jerseys are back in http://www.alwaysriding.co.uk/manufactur­ers/twin-six-36/

  • http://www.velovixen.com/clothing/design­er-chic/vespertine-road-hog-reflective-w­aistcoat-eco-citron is there a clothing anti-porn thread? ;)

    Though some of the other stuff is kinda ok...

  • Howies have finally made some womens bib shorts. Unfortunately only in one size at the moment & I don't have the moneys to try them yet...

  • Hats, yes it does - I currently have one, made either by Specialized or Canondale. The problem with it is that it is old enough now that the white lining is flaking away. And the zippers always caught a bit at my 'pits.

    Corlis, thanks, I'll have a go through your threads at some point.

  • Now, next question - ladies, which brand of tights do you like best? I've got the Gores that Tanya has but am looking for a lower, flat waistband like the Pearl Izumi sugar knickers. I felt that the padding in the PIs was too thick. I like the Gore padding better but need a lower waistband.

  • Craft are my favorite ones. Waistband is flat and designed not to dig in t the front and padding is on the thin side. Mavic shorts/ tights i find pretty comfy too.

  • I've a pair of Lusso cycling shorts which fit me fine. I did need a size larger on the long leggings model, the short ones are S, leggings are M. No idea...

    I also have a pair of Altura shorts, for me the padding is a little to wide/thick so it chafes however if you like padding thick you may love them.

  • Mmm...Craft....I'll ahve to check those out. Thanks, blowfish! I prefer padding a bit thinner, which is why I'm not quite up to purchasing another PI pair.

    JWestland, what's your usual size in UK sizing? I'm a 10 and tend to go for S.

  • Does anyone want to buy my DZR Tosca? They are pretty, worn once and a size UK41 (I'm a size 7). My feet are too narrow for any of their bloody shoes. I'm asking £60 if that's not too much? They sent me these as a replacement for the £100 pair I broke :(

    Mine are cleaner, picture from Le Google.

  • not quite clothing but involving wearing stuff, cycling and boobs, so thought it belonged here:

    women who wear messenger bags, what's the consensus on where to put the chest strap?
    I've tended to go for under breasts, squashing them feels uncomfortable and like I can't breathe so well (although that may be entirely psychological). I do remember years ago having a bag with a wide strap that I used to wear quite high, but since then tend to have the bag as high as possible on my back, with both straps below the boobs - including the sternum strap.

    just got a BIGxTOP mini messenger http://www.bigxtop.com/product/bigxtop-m­ini-messenger
    and I can't get it comfy. seems very much designed to be worn with straps across the middle of the chest, squashy-style. sternum strap is so high as to be useless and I've taken it off already. it's ok without as the bag is quite small, but... meh. anyone else got one? how do you wear it?

  • yes i have the same mini messenger and i love it.
    i have the strap really tight and riding high on my back, over le boob.
    otherwise it doesn't feel comfy. tried it just right now in the middle of the chest and it doesn't feel like its on properly, lots of movement.

  • so all straps high on the chest? hmm. will give it a go on the way home.

  • I am very much a diagonally across the chest between the ladies kind of lady... Couldn't imaging wearing the strap above them, would be just too high and feel like it would restrict breathing/arm movement.
    I find the left gets pushed up a wee bit, and the right down a tiny bit (because you definitely needed to know that much detail....) but it's far more comfortable than trying to get them both over or under the strap.

    That said, I do not own the specific bag you guys are talking about, so maybe my opinion is useless... The strap on that might be too wide to do what I do comfortably, and I don't usually carry particularly large or heavy loads.

  • Ignore the pearls and suit dress...

    Looks high but for me it's v comfortable.
    But that works for me, and the above works for seraphinx.

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  • I can't sit my straps above as it hurts, so instead they delineate my capacious funbags down the middle and underneath like a kinbaku karada harness. It looks ridiculous, but guess who doesn't give a fuck.

  • I wear mine across the chest and it doesn't feel uncomfortable ever as long as I'm wearing the bag high enough on my back. Even with heavy loads. That said, it is a grobag which I got measured for so I suspect that helps.

  • I see I was misleading, I didn't mean that the strap sits below both boobs, that would be hard to achieve. my preferred arrangement is - main strap starts on shoulder, crosses above left boob, below right. sternum strap starting either in the middle or just below middle of my, er, sternum, and crossing under left boob to back.

    but the mini messenger is definitely designed to be worn with all straps high, and mands that looks totally right. gonna give it a try later.

    @bothers: personally I think middle+under looks better. delineation ftw. sort of.

    @tb: custom-tailored baggage sounds like the way to go.

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Women specific cycle clothing

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