Women specific cycle clothing

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  • I've found swerve softshell shorts really good. Still not super baggy, but plenty of give and enough room that I never feel them when riding.

  • Hmm, I've been hoping for something less commutery, but you're right. When I had a pair of those they fit really well in the legs.

  • I had a dakine pair that were pretty good, more baggy mtb style, just ended up being too big for me. Jim likes the older Sombrio, but I think the newer stuff is a slimmer fit?

  • I just bought a pair of Patagonia ones under a time crunch (pro deal) and then read the reviews. Looks like it's not for sprinter legs either. I'll see how they fit when they get here, but maybe I should check out the Dakine ones. I don't like the look of ones that are super baggy, but I also need to be able to ride up a hill without loosing blood flow.

  • :( I gave it to a charity shop about a month after I posted

  • Asking on behalf of my wife:
    Her future commute is likely to be 20-30mins cycling, then 1hr on a train.
    Preference is to therefore stay dry and warm- and we've got the upper/lower waterproofing worked out (probably a cape/ maybe a bodysuit for the really crappy days), but she was hoping for a good solution for attempting to keep hair dry?
    My only input was shower cap over helmet?

    Many thanks for recommendations.

  • Just a standard cycling cap? Won’t keep 100% dry in full-on rain, but help avoid getting too wind blown / damp in drizzle

    No idea if this is any good

  • Under a helmet may just be the ticket. Will test it out at least.

  • Vulpine do/did "waterproof" caps, but the sizing was always a bit odd. Think we have a M and a L you'd be welcome to try/have if they work.

  • For commuting I have found paramo or other mountaineering style jackets have hoods big enough to go over helmets when weather is disgusting. While this looks a bit special it is the solution I use as also protects the neckline. I mostly use a paramo windproof which is sufficiently robust to keep pretty heavy rain at bay for the 25 mins of my commute and more breathable/lighter than a waterproof. If really foul I have a Patagonia waterproof (torrentshell).

    As a year round commuter (until covid) it surprises me how infrequent it is very bad (worth being prepared for when it is though). Don't know the job, but I would recommend having emergency dry stuff at work (and a travel hairdryer?) Knowing you don't have to sit in wet pants all day makes getting wet a lot less miserable.

  • Thanks! I completely concur with the dry pants thing.
    Wet Socks are my other nemesis.

  • Have come here for a sizing rant. Have just measured myself against the Rapaha / Cafe du Cycliste sizing guides. I think I knew this, but the sizing is ridiculous. I’m carrying a bit more weight post baby, but still get into my size 10/12 clothes - but according to CduC I’m on the border of L / XL. That seems mad - fit / athletic women don’t stop at a size 14.

    I think I knew all this already - but actually seeing how insanely skewed the sizing is has taken me by surprise.

  • Hello all, I’m looking for a few current suggestions for some long trousers that are good for short rides of less than 30 mins.

    I had a pair of Howies that I bought years ago when they had a sale on but now they are so threadbare. I’m looking at a pair of their chinos at £69 but wonder if there are any only options for the same or less money.

    I want to make it easier for me to get out on my bike every day without thinking. E.g. Up, washed and dressed and wearing one set of clothes that will take me through most of the day without thinking ‘oh I can’t be arsed to get changed to go on my bike etc’, as I’m finding way too many excuses not to get on my bike.

    And no very clingy suggestions please. My bum is way too big at the moment!

  • Not sure if these meet your definition of clingy, but someone on here years ago suggested Uniqlo jeggings and they have been my go-to commuter / casual cycle ever since. Stretchy but substantial enough not to look like full-on lycra

  • You could try Alpkit. Lots of options that might suit you.

  • I hated the fit of the Levis commuter jeans (even the womens - what kind of woman were they modelling these on?! absurd) but I really like GAP mens chinos - straight, no taper, black - very comfy and seem to be immune to the 6-month-threadbare-arse fail

  • Thanks for the suggestions
    @KT_Bee @Klar @ioreka
    I’m about to go shopping!

  • Update: I have bought from Gap and Uniqlo... you are such a bad(good) influence!

  • I may have visited Uniqlo and bought two related items, with one to return cos stomach is not as big as I thought. I'm following Shoosh's example and blaming yous lot.

  • I've ordered a Rapha commuting jacket in a large, purely because I have an unworn 'medium' rain jacket that I thought was big enough to accommodate my Covid/menopause stomach back in April. An expensive unfastened cardigan, unless I manage to lose this weight. Rapha sizing is truly 'interesting'.

  • I love Uniqlo - I’m pretty much always wearing something from there - my commuting jeggings are currently lounging round the house jeggings.

    @cafewanda - that’s insane!

  • Bit late here, but if you can get hold of a pair of Giro Mobility (sadly now discontinued) they are fantastic.

    This US seller has a few pairs in grey: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Giro-Wome­ns-Mobility-Classic-Castor-Gray-Size-4-P­ants-Cycling-Bike-Casual/152745981737?ha­sh=item23905eb729:g:XWYAAOSwYbhZ17Cf

  • Uniqlo is amazing - there's another brand in the Uniqlo family (Gu) that we have here too, and between the two stores, I'm always wearing something from there, whether awake or asleep.

  • The commuting jacket is a great fit. My stomach isn't too obvious in that. In other news my Uniqlo jeggings is lovely. I now have two in black and will probably buy two more in blue. Still blaming yous lot, but thanks for the tip!

    Sizing being weird part 2. New Gore 3/4 cycling leggings in a medium cos weight. OK for legs but lose on the stomach. My problem is most of the extra weight is on my stomach, but I'm not about to buy a whole load of clothes for the size I currently am, so have (finally) started working on reducing it. BUT I LOVE PIZZAS, BISCUITS AND ALCOHOL...... Divorce papers served.

  • Any good stylish brands to check out that offer genuinely good womens kit? Looking for something for my other half that’s nicer than the usual ‘pink it and shrink it’ brands?

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Women specific cycle clothing

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