Women specific cycle clothing

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  • hey ruwi! glad to hear you've got a bike, how are you finding it? can't think of any smaller backpacks off the top of my head but i'll have a think :) i was admiring @Phil(Picard) 's small backpack at drinks recently though, he might be able to help

  • actually, now that I think about it, chrome do some smaller backpacks

  • Hi Ruwi, I'm a titch like you and I have a Deuter rucksack which I use cycling/running/glorified handbag when out walking. I think it's this one http://www.deuter.com/US/us/bike/race-x-­32123-123.html, but I've had mine a few years and so it's a different colour.

    The length of the rucksack fits snug between my neck and the top of my bum, which is great and a rarity. This size doesn't hold a lot so I would advise you to try one on for size and load carrying* potential.

    *When I bought mine, I loaded it up with things I would be using it for, then tried it on and saw how it looked and how the fit worked for me. Got strange looks from the shop staff, so you might need to assure them you aren't about to walk out the shop!

  • Hi @lucyh :) thanks for that, I have checked out Chrome already and they seem to have some really nice tiny backpacks but I think its best if I can try them out first. With Toyko fixed long gone, I dont know where I could actually try a chrome on.

    I'm still getting used to the whole thing but I'm loving it so far! I wish I'd gotten into it sooner but better late than never haha. @clockwork_killa has been 'training' me around London so I'm sure I'll be up to speed in no time, hopefully.

  • Thanks so much for that information @cafewanda! The struggle of being little is real haha. I'm glad someone understands though. I'm def going to look into those backpacks as they seem to fit what I'm after. I think its a great idea to actually fill it with stuff in the shop to get the right idea of what it will look like. I wish they had more colors though! By more colors I obviously mean shades of black.

  • I just came across this: http://www.chromeindustries.com/uk/en/ba­gs/utility-bags/chekhov (seems to be sold out everywhere!)

    I actually think this is perfect for throwing my phone, keys, camera, lipstick etc into. I'm digging the minimalistic look - what do you guys think?

  • looks similar to the bigxtop minimessenger which lots of forum peeps have so you could easily try one on - http://www.bigxtop.com/collections/bags/­products/mini-messenger
    doesn't have as many pockets (no inbetween zip pocket) and is a bit bigger I think (can't imagine it really working around the hips - takes A4/laptop easily), but smaller than your usual faux courier bags.

  • Jst seen this, awesome thank you. I'm doing it as soon as I can. Meanwhile I bought some lads levis and am really enjoying the massive pockets front and back.

  • do smaller people own smaller items? :p
    Goodluck and please post what you find as I would also like a smaller one soon.

  • Oo yes, I've come across that Bigxtop minimessenger before. I like the look a lot and it is cheaper than the Chrome. I'll look into it, will try it on first to get a better idea. Thanks for the link!

  • Haha, we do! Even finding socks that fit my feet can be difficult! Its truly #midgetproblems.

    Thanks haha, I'll post here when I find something suitable :)

  • I am also a shortie who looked for ages for a rucksack that's not huge just to carry my everyday essentials in. I eventually found a Fjallraven Kanken Mini...it's like the normal Kanken rucksacks which are quite small already but even mini-er!

    It fits phone and keys in the front pocket, and wallet, emergency bike things and an emergency jacket in the main bit, and a lock if I need it. Job done.

  • Hi! Oh wow, why did I not think of this option? I do like the brand and this mini is pretty neat. It serves the purpose. Apart from the price, I think its pretty perfect. Thanks for this!

  • heya ladies! could anyone guide me through picking the right pair of bibs please? It's quite an $$$ purchase, so don't want to mess up.

    I tried comparing Machines for Freedom ,Void and Rapha. The sizing guides aren't quite the same. I seem to fit between two sizes, so not sure whether to go size up or down. (Wanting the fit to be skin tight without the effect of sausage legs)

    I really like MFF ones and they ship for free to UK throughout July (orders over $200) which makes them affordable... Well, pretty much same as Rapha.

    Any feedback on brands? I just want a pair of real nice and comfy pitch black endurance bibs for longer rides. X

  • I am biased, but Rapha bibs all the way. Also you can go and try them on at the shop in Soho to make sure you get the right fit and if you get the women's classic bibs then under the classics guarantee you can return them within 30 days if they don't fit or you don't like them even if you've worn them a lot. So you can test them on a few long rides to make sure you get on with them.

  • I didn't know about the classics guarantee - thanks for that! Worth a test.

  • I feel like there might have been a sale on some of the womens stuff when I was in there fairly recently too...

  • i only have waffa of the three brands you mentioned but imo they're excellent and worth the money, plus quick and easy returns and the classics guarantee so you'll def find the size that works best for you, and helpful customer service/advice in the shop and online (in the form of jess!). the only problem i've ever had with the bibs is i have a lot of junk and mine were a hand-me-down so i couldn't exchange for the next size up. apart from that, I fully recommended them, love doing long rides in them, they're faultless! (disclaimer give em a shot and see how they work out for you)

  • If you're worried about the ££££ I like DHP aeron race - think the pro ones are meant to be good for long rides

  • Oh! That reminds me, I have a pair of excellent condition (worn a couple of times only) DHB bibs languishing in a drawer, will look up the model when I get in but it's a decent one. Comfiest pad (IMO much more so than rapha...), only problem is they're a size 12 when I'm a size 14.

    Any good for you @ninelives ? Or anyone else. I need to list a bunch of stuff I need rid of, and it'll be mostly freecycle to anyone who'll actually use it...

    Edit: these ones - http://www.wiggle.co.uk/dhb-womens-aeron­-race-cycling-bib-short/

  • I believe in Gore. Much cheaper and v v g I think

  • Thanks ladies! So much good feedback! @hoefla I'm afraid it's not my size, but thank you for offering!
    I'll definitely test waffa and let you know how it goes. X

  • Hackney St. Cloud are having some sort of launch night down at look mum tonight. Not sure if they'll be showing any stock but might be worth showing your face at...

  • I thought it was last night...

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Women specific cycle clothing

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