Women specific cycle clothing

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  • Got a couple of merino jerseys and some socks. As with all sample sales, easiest to wear something you can try things on over as there was only one changing room.

    Ran into @blowfish as well. Good value stuff.

  • Moar sales

    Night of Feb Ladies drinks. Shopping trip before drinks

  • I'm in Amsterdam that evening :(

  • I think the rain bomber has proven itself to be waterproof today..

  • Due to over-shopping today I have a size Large of the Vulpine summer trousers in khaki looking for a good home. Brand new. Would like to pass on at cost - acquired for £40 in the sale. Is about a 32" waist (waist of the trousers, not your body). http://www.vulpine.cc/Shop/Womens/Trouse­rs-Shorts/ICAT1037/WOMENS-SUMMER-TROUSER­S/ITM1103

  • http://pages.rapha.cc/ambassadors-apply
    I'm so not driven enough to be an ambassador but maybe some of you are!

  • OK, not exactly women-specific, but now I've ordered my Breton Jersey I can post this here:


    Jerseys and more for only £25

  • Oosh! They have some actually decent stuff in a ladies cut! Roll on payday!

  • I got a very tiny pair of vintage cycling shoes for grabs if anyone wants them.
    New Old Stock, Carnac brand.
    Like these but black
    They are a EUR34 I think, size like 3UK? Or 2UK?
    I'm a UK4 and they way too small.

    Can send pics if anyone interested.

  • I know a little person who may be interested, I'll ask her.

  • moved from the other thread - more relevant:

    i'm sure this convo has come up before but i've only been ont forum for a couple of years. re: women's kit i'm becoming increasingly exasperated at having to get nude every time you need to pee in track kit. i mentioned to a male cyclist friend this morning how great it was that guys could just "flop it over the top" when they needed to pee, he illuminated to me the wonderful world of also "slipping it down the side" when bibshort leg cuffs allowed. such liberty!

    giro have attempted to address this with the halter bib:

    and specialized recently put out the clip bib:

    neither of which i've tried because money. the halter seems like it would be less hassle than a clip tho

    i genuinely wonder on a daily basis how many women have the sausage leg problem with bibshorts too (i appreciate this is not just a women's issue)

    final addendum: i do not complain this much about everything ever irl

  • Gore have solved this problem pretty well with their zip system. Been wearing their bib shorts and tights for the past year and they're great. Not that cheap though. Wiggle have just released their DHB Aeron halterneck bibs too, could be good but not tried.

  • I don't understand the halterneck design.. surely bibs are meant to hold up the back of your shorts??

  • Good point, me neither tbh! Anyone tried them?

  • My god I've had this conversation so many times. I'm going to invent bibs I can undo to pee in out in 'the field' and I'm going to retire on the profits.

  • i had the same thought until i watched the video on the giro site. as a brand i find giro to always be super reliable and i'm sure they wouldn't put out a product for public consumption without it actually being any good! i assume the waist part is slightly slimmer than the hip part thus it stays up? id love to give them a go

  • @cazakstan pls let me product test pls pls

  • Yeah, I have some of the gore zip bibs, they're pretty good except I have to stick my bum out loads, if you know what I mean?! Do love them though, definitely the best I've tried so far for ease

  • I had this discussion recently with some other girls, but we had different opinions.
    Firstly I always wear a baselayer under my jersey which means I don't feel as nekkid when I have to wee in public, which helps. However I don't find it a massive problem generally tbh (although my rides rarely top 60 miles), and I've always thought that even if a magical pair of bibs were invented that made it easier to wee without stripping down the majority of girls would still want to find somewhere secluded to do their business because the position we have to take is a lot less dignified than a dude who can just casually stand against a hedge.

  • For me the inconvenience/cold is more of an issue than embarrassment. Even if there's no one around for miles stripping off even partially is not much fun when it's freezing.

    My solution was to give up wearing bibs.

  • This is one of the reason I don't wear bibs - I don't really care about flashing any body parts (I probably should care a bit more) but it's just annoying/fiddly/cold to have to strip down totally.
    Of course the alternative is to not drink anything while cycling in 30 degree heat and end up with sunstroke, like dickhead here did the other day. But hey, no one saw my bum!

  • I also just don't wear bibs.

  • def the cold that bothers me, and the time/faff, not the flashing of things. a bit of cheek never hurt any one when you're trying to get your bidnis done and back on the bike so you can stop freezing your tits off

  • Not sure if these are new or I just wasn't paying attention before, but Levi's now do Commuter jeans in womens cut - http://www.levi.com/GB/en_GB/womens-jean­s/p/178160000
    (I'm not really woman-shaped enough for such things but there was some jeans chat a while ago)

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Women specific cycle clothing

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