Offered: The Return of LFGSS Sports Massage Therapy!

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  • Oh for christ sake man, try to resist. This is my living. Next!

    Happy ending?

  • BUmp..!

  • Should you come for a massage, Ill even make you a cup of tea, and you can play* with the cat, all inclusive!

    Can't say better than that!

    *Watch him being a weirdo

  • I think you have just weirded everyone out Tom.

  • BUmp..!


  • I'm pushing really hard to earn some cash in the next couple of weeks and it would be awesome if any of you that have been thinking about booking a session and just haven't done it DID IT! And of course all and anyone who is is in need. I might be heading off to New York and I need a bit of dough for beer and food, etc etc. If anyone has questions they want to ask before booking PM me and I'm more than happy to answer them.

  • I went to see Elguapo yesterday and got hurt extremely well. Legs are feeling much better today, thanks!

    Highly recommended.

  • Sorry to dredge, but is this still a thing?

    Really would like a few sessions of decent sports massage. Sick of getting treatment by people with hands made of overcooked pasta or no real knowledge.

    Still @Elguapo ?

    Or anyone have any recommendations?

  • ^ Good dredge @TRA.

    I badly need some message, preferably in SE London.


  • A colleague of mine offers it, not sure what kind but she is somewhere south easy, will ask and pm you later.

  • I badly need some message

    Hello, Alex! Here's a message. :)

  • Thanks for spotting that Oliver!

    Thank you ExTra! xx

  • Very interested too, desperate for a semi-regular sports massage.

  • Equanimity Massage Therapy

    I'm happy to report that today, thanks to @ExTra's recommendation, I had the best massage I've ever had (and I've had quite a few), and just 2 miles from my house.

    It was my first since breaking my clavicle and hip, so I was slightly apprehensive but Luiza was excellent. She took detailed medical info, listened carefully to what I wanted (deep tissue + relaxation), delivered it with skill, precision and the perfect amount of pressure. She was really good with my injured areas, working sensitively but not timidly, on and around all the traumatised joints, muscles and ligaments - plus she had a great understanding of cyclists' typical problem areas.

    By the end of the session it felt like she'd released about 10 years' worth of tension all over.

    She offers a range of massage types, and I like the fact she gives thorough advice about what to do/expect pre/post-massage in terms of activity, nutrition etc. (something I wish all massage therapists would do even if you know it all).

    tl;dr - Can't recommend highly enough.

    07909 476 285


    • Fibre Gym, 25 Northcote Road, Clapham Junction, London, SW11 1NJ
    • SE23 Treatment Room

    More testimonials:­monials.html

  • I want my share of commission!!! (Only joking)

  • Didn't know where to post this so its here. I have been struggling with headaches lately - esp overnight - making sleep a bit fitful. Tried the usual... painkillers....another pillow etc. I always suspected regular cycling might be playing a part - shoulder and neck tension. I am hunched over a screen for most of the day too. So a Thai massage place opened at the end of my road in E Finchley (OK get the extras jokes out now 'cos this is serious). I booked a head, neck and shoulder massage. 30 minutes. £25. Best thing I ever did. Immediately afterwards the headache got worse and I thought I 'd made a mistake. But then 48 hours later and now 5 days later I'm sleeping like a aches....more flexibility.....fantastic. I suspect the tension will return. I guess I will make a regular visit. Just in case anyone is suffering....(or even if you're not!)

  • I need sorting a bit. My body is fucked and all out of shape. Anyone with any recommendations in Hackney/Bow? I've had a couple of type 2 separations on my shoulders and never really did much to get them fixed but it's hurting more now...

  • Quick thread dredge: does anyone have a recommendation for a deep tissue massage in London? I seem to be carrying permanent knots in one shoulder that reduces my range of movement when looking over my shoulder. I could also do with my ITB getting a bit of attention too.

  • @ffm
    'My' Osteopath, who has fixed me for several spinal mis-alignments, including a reluctance from my neck to allow quick flick-checks to my right, is unfortunately based in Hatch End.

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Offered: The Return of LFGSS Sports Massage Therapy!

Posted by Avatar for Elguapo @Elguapo