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  • Is it worth moving this to members only?

  • I’d like to start doing some overnight (bike) wild camping trips, having not been camping since I was at school. Did some tarp camping in cadets but that was a long while ago, but now I’m getting excited about maybe splitting that New Forest route over a Friday/ Saturday as I have a free weekend. Last thing is I’d like to make it easy for my wife to do it with me some time so tent is probably the best first purchase. Is this decathalon job a good starter or is there a better one?


    Pretty inspired by @Scrabble and @platypus amongst others

    Actually I’m going to flesh this out about as I’m stalling starting work. I’m torn between tarplife for perceived simplicity , hammock for getting off the ground and novelty but limited by needing trees(??), and tent for the old reliable and low barrier to entry for my partner (but more faff?). Concerns are blowing a load of cash on an activity I have no proven record of doing. I also have a decathalon voucher burning a hole in my pocket.

    Long post 🙄

  • I think that with two of you, something like that tent would be a great starting point. I've got its predecessor, the T2 ultralight, and I've found it OK for single night solo trips - good pack size, easy set up, slightly heavier than I'd like but you could split the weight of the gear between two of you.
    Tarplife appears simple, but I always spend more time than I'd like setting it up. I've tried hammocking, and found it super comfy, but very chilly (even in summer) as I didn't have an under-quilt. It seems to me like a great way to sleep, but you might need to go a bit all-in on gear.

  • Thanks that's re-assuring. Tent seems reasonable and versatile, and easy to get going with from a cold start

  • Thanks man! Turns out the Forestry commission run sites have a cyclist/hiker policy of super cheap pitch and rock up without pre booking so will keep this as an emergency backup

  • Up in Dartmoor the other night, on the way to Cornwall

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  • Off up to the Isle of Skye next week.

    Anyone got any recommendations?

    Looks like it's hard to go wrong.

  • loch coruisk is class. take the boat from elgol

  • Take loads of Deet/Smidge/SkinSoSoft.

    It'll be midge season and they are cunts.

    However, it's an amazing place and the views are incredible.

  • I can think of worse things.

  • Scout camp for adults

  • £30 though, £7.50 at Field Head, Edale admittedly without a fire circle though.

    When Al H described Micro Adventures I'm pretty sure low cost was one of the features.

  • Not the cheapest, but doesn't strike me as hellishly expensive as a "safe" way to be introduced to camping somewhere less polished than most commercial campsites (Fieldhead included). Also nice to have the option of a roaring fire without any fear of fucking up the local environment/attracting the attention of the local shotgun-toting gamekeepers.

    Fair to say I don't think those of us on this thread are their target market...

  • Points valid. I don't think it'd be for me, but if it helps others to discover wild camping in a positive way then great.

  • Anyone seen this article by George Monbiot? Essentially covers some movement on the Tory manifesto pledge of 'we will make intentional trespass a criminal offence'. From the scope of it, it sounds like it could make wildcamping (outside Scotland) a criminal act, rather than a civil one.

    I've done a bit of wildcamping in England & never had a problem, but it does raise the stakes with potentially upping the cost to a criminal record.

  • https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfre­e/2020/jan/15/tresspass-trap-law-land-tr­avelling-people-rights

    Your link is broken. Here's the article.

    This kind of thing makes me so so angry! It's our damn countryside. Every step backwards like this makes other countries look that much more appealing to live in.

  • There's a link in there to the policy consultation. I've not looked at it in full yet, but already folk are raising notes of caution as to the wording of the questions, and how to answer them without seeming to endorse the policy. I suspect some of the outdoors groups will come up with suggestions on how best to raise concerns.

  • For anyone who's concerned with the way the questions are posed in the online consultation, note that you don't have to respond via that method.

    You can provide a written response by email (UnauthorisedEncampmentsConsultation@hom­eoffice.gov.uk), or post:
    Strengthening police powers to tackle unauthorised encampments consultation,
    Police Powers Unit,
    6th Floor NW, Fry Building,
    Home Office,
    2 Marsham Street,
    SW1P 4DF

    You don't need to respond to all the questions as posed in the online consultation, but if you can link your comments to specific parts of the policy proposals that will help.

  • I wonder whether this is more to do with urbex and trespass .

  • https://nearlywildcamping.org/

    Was this discussed on here somewhere? I feel like I've seen it somewhere

  • Looks interesting - would be curious to hear feedback.

    Can't wait for camping restrictions to be lifted.

  • Has there been any talk on when that's likely to be? Itching to get out there....

  • I think 4 July is the earliest possible date at the moment? Such a shame seeing all this lovely weather as missed opportunities...

  • Bah - I'm being forced to take last couple of weeks June as holiday - would much prefer to take it in July...

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Wild Camping

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