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  • Yeh i didn't note your comment earlier and was more making reference to skinny saying he was told they are all bulls

  • Anyone camped out around Isle of Grain or Sheppy? I'm helping out on an Audax Saturday morning and thinking about bivvying nearish to Gravesend tomorrow night.

    Wondering if its a bit of a focal point, or quiet at night?

  • @mustardbeak The wealdway starts in gravesend so adding that to any searches for camping spots might help turn something up.

  • That's a bullock in your photo. Farmers would never put 40 odd bulls in a field, especially if it had a footpath in it (that would actually be illegal, it's also illegal to have dairy bulls in fields with public footpaths running through them as they tend to be more aggressive).

    Bullocks in general are curious but quite harmless as per your photo and when people get trampled to death by cows (which happens every so often, normally dog walkers or farm workers) it doesn't normally involve bullocks but females with maternal instincts.

  • Well, a bullock is a castrated bull.

    It's not quite that simple! A grown up castrated bull would be a castrated bull. A young castrated bull is a bullock.

    They don't tend to grow up...

  • Good info.

    Yes SUPER inquisitive, they all wanted to know what was going on. Very friendly.

  • Can we do heifers next please?

  • Hugh Heffer or the bovine type?

  • Or a young castrated bull is a steer, and an older castrated bull is a bullock. Or an ox.

    Except in 'murica, where a young bull is a bullock.

  • Has this been resolved cut off yet?

  • My cousin used an elastic band to castrate a calf. I don’t know if that is common practice. Hanging the calf’s testicles once removed on your bedroom walk definitely isn’t.


  • Any good wild camping spots between Colchester & Harwich? feel free to send me a PM if you wanna keep it on the DL!

  • The location were bull shitting on about. Go to dedham get on footpath and ride to flatford. You'll find somewhere lovely.

  • Thank you! Will have a ganders

  • Yep, still the most common practice. Should be done within the first week of life to comply with cruelty laws although you'd be amazed how many farmers don't know that.

    Any sensible livestock man will tag at the same time, it's much easier when they're that young, everything just gets trickier with time. The other option is a burdizzo - if you're of a sensitive disposition I wouldn't google that! But suffice to say it takes some skill to do it right and a bullock you think you've castrated who hasn't actually been castrated will be an issue.

    Not much to say on heifers - they're just cows who've not had a calf yet.

  • And a heifer is a really big cow!

  • Very friendly.

    Funny what losing your testicles can do, ay...

  • Anyone know of any good spots at the end of the north downs way? Dover? Surrounding? Cheers all.

  • Does anyone have a suggestion for a basic-nice camping spot near Ware?

  • Had a nice bivvi spot just off the Snake Road in the Peaks. Not a soul about and the rain held off. Dreams penetrated by the sound of rushing water as I was just by some little rapids. Probably didn't really need the tarp or bivvi bag as it was so mild.

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  • Realise this might be a bit taboo but wild camping in the New Forest? GF has her heart set on doing https://bikepacking.com/routes/new-fores­t-gravel-taster-uk/ but being the bank holiday there is no availability anywhere.

  • The new forest is largely not forest, but if you get into the wooded areas late (stop somewhere for dinner first) and are gone early (stop somewhere else for breakfast) then I doubt there would be many people about to complain.

    As always, keep a low profile, no fire, no litter etc and no harm done.

  • right here is the best new forest wild camp spot of all time, tested by me and friends
    go into the woods cyclery and say thanks for pointing me and you to that spot

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  • Bit late to reply but I grew up around there. Never wild camped then, but people used to kip by the various reservoirs, out towards great amwell / Stansted abbots.

    Alternatively near cold Christmas used to be nice and quiet, I'd guess round there would be worth exploring?

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Wild Camping

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