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  • So they were planning on making £5/reservation for "running" the wild camping platform? And they say that with no shame.

  • I went digging through their (very limited) Twitter feed. Lots of calls for info on who they are, list of directors, data controller to deal with their privacy policy etc.
    Zero answers.

  • I'm guessing two Marketing Development Executives, specialising in startups, who went for a walk in the Lakes last summer and saw some potential to leverage some consumer engagement or somethingorother.


  • You may well trollface, but there are suggestions one of them is an ex marketing manager for the Tories, and another is a consultant who refers to the scheme as a "venture"...



  • Ha!

    The review quote of that book (the tweet links to) is gold.

    An excellent read, it told me stuff that I didn't know, and it made me want to get out there and do a bit of wild camping myself.

    Useful template for many books:

    Fly-fishing by J.R. Hartley

    An excellent read, it told me stuff that I didn't know, and it made me want to get out there and do a bit of fly fishing myself.

    Etc, etc.

  • Essential reading arrived:

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  • In other news, any decent alternatives to the smaller alpkit caribiners? For rigging up a tarp easily... alpkit out of stock.

  • Decathlon?

  • You can get 5,000 for $237 on Alibaba.


  • @PhilDAS @laner they're really flimsy, was my first place to look as I work next door to one.

    @Drakien forum group buy? You could find a use for 4,990 of them? ;)

  • Fantastic book. Gf and I both enjoyed reading it.

  • Have a look at sailing snap hooks, might be suitable.

  • I was thinking of these tbh
    but they're not as cheap

  • Ta I looked at those too, bigger & heftier but too much £ compared to alpkit.

  • These look ideal, ta!

  • This could be in multiple threads, does anyone know of good routes from Goring across and down to Coombe Gibbet for an overnight wild camp, then presumably from Newbury back to Reading is a flat route along the Kennet?

    @platypus @adroit @richardshill amongst others

  • I gather there’s quite a bit of climbing out towards the Gibbet and Inkpen. Only walked the ridgeway (loads of places to wild camp there but guess you know that:) around there, no cycling other than done the road trip up over Streatley hill and into Newbury (nice route mind) a few times and also around East Isley and the like. Can’t imagine you’ll have trouble finding good routes and if you leave it a few days things should dry up a bit (given it’s a shitshow of mud at the moment on the bridleways!)
    Lots of pub stops btw.

  • Nice one, thanks. Will vaguely plan a route then wing it on the weekend.
    Planning a couple of pub stops for sure :)

  • What are you after? Quiet roads? Hills? Avoiding hills? Places of interest on the way?

  • Quiet roads, but also single-track, hills, pubs, somewhere to wild camp by Coombe Gibbet

  • I don't know an "off road" route, but the minor roads north and west of Newbury are pretty close to unsurfaced these days. I'd head along the Ridgeway to Compton, then under the A34 at East Ilsley, immediately left and follow the minor road to Stanmore, Peasley, Downend and Chievely, and after the village head west to WInterbourne, then Oxford Stockcross and Marsh Benham (crossing the A4) Hampstead Marshall, then Inkpen and Combe. It's a route I've used a few times going the other way.

  • Cheers, I'll do some planning later

  • pubs

    The Crown and Garter at Inkpen does good food.

    somewhere to wild camp by Coombe Gibbet

    If it's not too windy then you could camp right up on the top by the Gibbet. There are loads of fields around there so if you follow the byway that runs along the ridge you should be able to find a sheltered spot behind a hedge relatively easily. Or follow the start of the Test Valley Way a little way and there are come woods on the left hand side if you want more shelter.

    I've never actually camped up there but run up that way fairly often so know the area reasonably well.

  • I did a lovely off-road loop from Hungerford>Marlborough>Shalford>along the Wessex ridge> Bassingstoke a while back.

    By chance, I wild camped in the Combe Gibbett glider/hang gliding field. Towards the western end of the field there are some bushes that shield you from view and a southerly wind whilst providing uninterrupted views of the sunset. I was in a bivvy, so pretty low profile anyway.

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Wild Camping

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