For Sale: Giant Bowery 2008

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  • Hello,

    I am selling my Giant Bowery 2008 bike. It is size medium (note sloping top tube) and I believe the sticker states this is suitable for people 5'7" to 5'11. It is black with chrome forks. I have added white bar tape (Deda), white tyres(Vittoria) and a white Charge Spoon saddle. It has a flip-flop hub so you can have either singlespeed or fixed wheel, but is currently set up as a singlespeed. It is in near mint condition and currently has attachments for a Garmin Edge and a light (I will see if I can find light for the bike).

    This is an example (but mine comes with brake calipers and levers):­ils.asp?productid=01446

    I also have a D-lock and cable set both made by Kryptonite:

    Kryptonite New York 3000 lock:­nite_New_York_3000_D_Lock/5360023755/

    Kryptonite 4ft Cable:­nite_KryptoFlex_4_Foot_Cable/5300001802/­

    I can email photos to people who are genuinely interested. I would also like to sell everything together, but if this doesn't work out then I will split up. I am based in Shropshire at the moment, but come down to London every so often. For the whole set, I would be looking for £290ono. Please don't hesitate to message me with any questions - joe DOT sarling AT btopenworld DOT com



  • Thats a good price for all that lot. I'd be interested in the frame if you end up splitting it.

  • cheers - much appreciated. I don't want to screw anyone over because it is forums like this that true cycling enthusiasts can find good buys. If I don't manage to sell I will PM you.

  • are u allowed to bump on this forum? :P

  • not sure :)

  • Neither am I :)

  • Would you sell the D-lok seperately? If yes dibby dibs.

  • I've just been told you have to have a reason - so, a change in price, new photos etc.... or just get people chatting about bumping on your thread - that'll work :)

  • Hi Hobo - what would you offer for it? I am in London next week from Tuesday. Would you want the Kryptonite cable with it? I'll see if I can find the bracket to attach it the the frame.

  • joeyjoejoe0, I think £290 is a bit on the high side. I bought my Bowery at the undiscounted price from CycleSurgery for £350.
    Later, also last year, Pearson's were selling them for approximately £230 (brand new).

    Let's just say I was selling mine, I'd still have to keep in mind that it was sold brand new at £230. The fact that I bought mine at £350, was my tough luck.

  • Oh really? I didn't know Pearson sold them at that price. For how long did they sell those at that price? I too paid around £350 mark. I thought £290 was good considering it now has better tyres and a better saddle as well as it comes with a d-lock and cable (I mean £290 was for the bike and lock set).

  • Bowery at Pearsons, was the name of the thread. They sold quite a lot at that price. I would have been gutted, but I loved my Bowery, despite the extra that I had paid. So it didn't matter to me.

  • Oh hang on...sorry - I didn't see the link you had put in your post! Nice bike by the way.

  • Oh OK - cheers for that - I didn't realise. Yeah, I love my Bowery too (although it doesn't have as many extras as yours!). But you know, tough times so things must go. I'll keep all that in mind as I would like to sell the bike and lock stuff together

  • Cheers. I also have a red Capo 5, but that never sees the light of day. I prefer the Bowery that much.

    I don't think your price is unfair, just a tad on the upper side. Whoever gets it, will probably love it as I do mine.

  • £225 to be precise. However people pay that kind of money for Unicacks so don't feel like you have to sell it for peanuts either.

  • Nice one - OK cheers guys, much appreciated

  • if they were selling new at £230, then how much would you be willing to sell just the bike for?


  • TW85, he bought his for £350, not £230. I also bought mine at full price, not discounted, as others were lucky enough to buy them for.

    He says its I'd just go ahead and make him an offer if I were you.

  • Hi - I am open to offers for the complete set (i.e. with the lock set) or the bike by itself. I do have interest from someone who has emailed me so he gets priority at the moment but I will consider offers sent to my email.

  • Hi all - this is provisionally sold. When we have done the exchange then I will close this thread. Cheers

  • Damn, Missed out again.

  • I paid £229 for mine, I would not look to sell it for more than £150 now, although admittadly mine does have some dents.

  • Hmm, just looked on Pearsons website, they still have them for £225! I think I'm going to have a look at one next week

  • I'm pretty sure that Pearson's sold out of them a very long time ago. You may be looking at a cached webpage.

    I just checked Pearsons, and they've not got any Bowerys on their site at all.

    TW85, if you're in London, they are some good quality bargains to be had at EDWARDES Cycles.
    They have a good range pre-owned bikes. I'm pretty sure they have the odd Bowery as well.

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For Sale: Giant Bowery 2008

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