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  • Masai is possibly they key ingredient for the Raptors. What he did back of house is almost impossible to achieve in this day and age.

    Nuggets playing 7 games back to back is most likely going to cost them so I’d agree that the Lakers are favourites against the Heat right now.

  • The set up at Raptors is great, and I agree that Masai has been crucial. I was so happy they won the lot and was surprised that Kawhi moved on, they would be genuine contenders again this year with him.

    The Clippers have put so much into the Kawhi George team that not making the conference final is a bit of a shock. I read somewhere that their next first round draft pick isnt until 2028.

  • Raptors with Kawhi could’ve won back to back championships. I’m still surprised how the Bucks went out. Didn’t see it coming. Giannis won’t leave them easily and it’ll be a team willing to pay the luxury tax to make it happen but he has got time on his side. He’s an absolute phenomenon. Such dedication, talent, upside and it seems like he’s a genuine likeable guy.

    Also didn’t know that Masai was born in Bournemouth of all places.

  • I think Giannis has had his eyes opened by comparing Raptors to Bucks, without him playing Bucks are no threat, his supporting team mates are not good enough for a championship. Hes not quite LeBron and able to carry a below average team all on his own. If Bucks dont look to improve their perimeter shooters and 2 way players he might start looking elsewhere. Id love him to get the right cast with the Bucks and win next year.

  • I assume you mean the Cavs with that. I think LBJ was about 32 then, Giannis is still only 25 now. Brook Lopez, Khris Middleton, Bledsloe are all up to scratch I think, beyond that it looks like there’s not enough strength in depth.

    I do like this like for like at 25 comparison between Giannis and LBJ­551-was-lebron-james-as-dominant-as-gian­nis-antetokounmpo-at-age-25

  • I did yes. I was amazed how dominant he was on court during the playoffs for the Cavs, His stats don't tell even half the story about his dominance. I remember clearly watching him be triple teamed by Green Durant and Klay for about 12 minutes and still run the whole Cavs offense, while his numbers didnt look great n this period, the rest of the teams production went through the roof from all the extra space. It was a shame the Cavs didnt win that year, but GS were just too good.

    Great read that, cheers for the link. My point was more that Giannis isnt yet at the LeBron level, there's more to come though, for sure. LeBron also had the benefit of sitting alongside Bosh and Wade while he learned some of the other elements that really lift a team. in Khris Middleton Giannis has a quality partner, but he isnt quite a good enough player to be the number 2 guy. Maybe next year Giannis will just hit that epic level and drag everyone around him into the finals, however I think they need some more help.

  • Wow ^ TL;DR
    Lebron is good, and was good
    Giannis is good and getting better. Might need help to do better next year.

  • Anyone watching play offs this year? I am enjoying watching the free sunday night game on youtube. The studio analysis sucks though, but I am hooked on Inside the NBA clips anyway ...

  • About to watch Malice in the Palace on Netflix

  • Incredible story, really well made. The whole series looks good.

  • Looking forward to watching this, Reggie Miller is big into his cycling these days.

  • Was really good. I wanted to punch the fan who ran on the court myself when he tried to throw shade about the guy who slipped for being a pussy who couldnt punch when the consensus seems to be he'd have been seriously hurt if it connected and was extremely lucky, also the guy who threw the cup was a gigantic twat, fully deserving of a twatting by Ron Artest.

  • This offseason is pretty good so far. as a Bulls fan who suffered through many many terrible years since we traded butler and blew up the roster for a "rebuild" this is the first season I think we can finally be competitive again.

    I was massively down on Lonzo Ball at the draft as his shot was awful. but it seems like he's worked extremely hard on it and he looks pretty good (this is probably also the trauma of not having a decent guard other than LaVine for many years speaking though) plus his dad has massively wound his neck in so excited to see what he can do.

    We didn't get much of a look at zach and vucevic after the trade so hoping they mesh better with some summer training.

    Derozan also an interesting pick up, lot more criticism around for this trade but he is literally better than anyone else we've added in many years so I will take it, even if the fit isn't quite right (i think it could be though).

    we managed to flush out the dregs of our roster and have picked up some interesting role players and backups. rosters still not quite done though just need to dump lauri markkanen who seemed like he'd be so good but has been a huge disappointment, now he's signalled he wants out he can get to fuck as he massively overrated his market and is sulking now. good vibes only this season

    and finally patrick williams is looking like he's taken a big step this summer, with the roster moves he will get a lot of freedom on the court and he's looking poised to make the most of that this season, he's still rough around the edges (and also not even 20 until end of the month) but I think he's going to be a major problem in a couple years. possible future face of the franchise if he stays on this path.

  • I agree that Bulls are looking handy now, I also like the look of the knicks as a fun team.

    I am watching Lowrys move to the Heat with interest, I reckon he will lift them into a much higher level. I am, however, gutted that he left Toronto.

    Also cant see past Brooklyn this time around. Too much for anyone to stop, and there isnt another team who can keep up with the scoring rate. They cant have the injury nightmare again, can they?

  • As a card carrying lebron hater I am hoping his "uncle drew 2: super team" crumble into dust by the end of the regular season, I see them getting a lot of wins but Bron is ruining the league with this shit now and I just want to see it all blow up in his face.

    the fact the league have a hard-on for the bulls and heat "tampering" when lebron is out there having public meetings doing the same thing with his banana boat buddies is laughable. the "but he's only a player not the team" excuse is cherry picking at its finest.

  • I love LeBron.
    But agree about the cherry picking, I don't think the league have the stones to go up against him though.

    I can't see this new old Lakers winning. Too old, not had a chance to gel, to much ego in LeBron and Westbrook on the same court. And I don't think they have the players to throw down enough 3s it defend at a good enough level.

    I'd love to see 76ers do well, Giannis have another epic season, and the mavericks really step up. My team is the raptors, who look to be a write off this season

  • Not sure if you guys have heard but the Bulls are back baby!

    ok it's preseason but back to back 36 point wins is night/day from the wilderness we've been wandering through since the Thibs era. If you've not watched the highlights (particularly the cavs game) they are well worth a look.

    for a team with only 3 players remaining from the roster this time last year and with literally a few days of practice together we're playing like a half decent unit already and I think we're going to be a problem when they really gel.

  • Lakers shouldn’t have traded Caruso

  • I think he could take a huge leap this year given more freedom to operate outside his highly specific role in LA, he clearly takes his career deadly serious as shown with his commitment to training and he is going to be a cornerstone of our defense this year. I think he's going to turn a lot of heads.

    given what we've seen of Artūras Karnišovas and Mark Eversley so far I have a feeling we're going to see a few role players break out this season and I wouldn't be surprised if they don't convert those pieces into another big trade by the deadline next year if all goes to plan with no big injuries and playoffs are definitely on the cards

  • I think Bulls look really strong, they will be a fun team to watch.
    I also think Lowry to Heat is a really good move that makes them look good as well.

    But I see the Nets as massively dominant this year, even their second unit will be good.
    Hardens come back looking a bit big again, and all the injury issues are potentially going to stop them winning. But even without harden and Irving, Durant could carry that team to a finals.

  • Kyrie drama is a massive distraction anyone could do without.

  • more worrying than him missing games is seeing the conversation about the situation and the impact it's having on young basketball fans.

  • So how bout them Bulls?

    only one loss out the first 10 games with this roster (incl. preseason) and it was by 1 point and DDR slipped on the final shot. I'll absolutely take it.

    next 11 games are some of the toughest of the season but given how we played the knicks and jazz I think we continue to get some upsets.

    we're in dire need of a backup big and we're empty at the 4 so the teams that play extremely big are likely going to pants us hard.

  • We got reeled in watching the NBA finals while on holiday in Barbados, a sport I haven’t really followed.. since returning I watched alot of highlights, Dray’s podcast after the defeat to Boston, interviews, post win celebrations, parade in SanFran. There is something about Golden State Warriors I admire, this squad of players and their love for the club.

    Dray’s podcasts.. never a distraction from the court. I might never follow NBA week in week out, but I do hope that Steph Curry makes it to Paris for the Olympics in 2024.

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