2009-05-10 - Rider Down, Hammersmith

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  • Don't wanna jump the gun but my Mrs' mate said she was held up in traffic today for ages cos a female cyclist got stuck under a lorry at Hammersmith......


  • Shit. I did wonder why the police had shut the whole place and I had to divert to shepherds bush.
    Today I am surprised there haven't been a lot more incidents like this. Fucking crazy traffic, and the streets filled with drivers who don't normally drive in London and first-time cyclists who don't have the first fucking clue how to behave in traffic.

  • +1 I saw sooooo many close calls today. Fingers crossed for lady in Hammersmith.
    Hope everyone made it home safely.

  • i hope she's alright, more so i hope that nothing of the sort actually happened..

  • shit, hope she is ok, crossed fingers

  • sounds morbid, hope she is alright. the roads were really busy today, i was almost caught in a nodder pile up.

  • Yeah I heard about this too. Didn't know she was cycling though. Hopefully this will inspire Hammersmith to actually do something about that fucking insane round about.

  • +1 that roundabout coming into hammersmith form chiswick is nuts

  • be bloody careful everyone, advising people should be the norm, young girl cruised past me and old fella today only 1/2 way across to find the other direction getting the green lights - wooops. she felt really bad and just ended up hiding next to the traffic light with no island and pretended to take something of her rack and then dismount and walk off when we got the green.... london ain't no cake walk

  • Fuck I heard there was an accident down there, just assumed it was usual car on car bollocks.

    Ride safe people, today was madness - don't expect tomorrow to be any better.

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2009-05-10 - Rider Down, Hammersmith

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