Wanted: EAI bareknuckle frame and fork

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  • Anyone have a 56cm bareknuckle frame they want to part with?

    Really keen on laying my hands on one of these.


  • see hub jub.

  • see hub jub.

    seen feel 500 is a bit above what i wanted to pay, cheers for the heads up.

  • Good luck, they've discontinued them..

    fucking excellent frames though, it's been my main bike for the last 2 and half years.

  • Rub it in why don't you.

    They look almost perfect just wish it was a 1"quill stem.

    I may have to buy it. We will see.

  • why do you want a one inch?

  • Cheers for the heads up Ved but its gonna be too big.

    I'm riding a 58cm at the mo. Its definately a 56 i'm after.

  • ok, shame thats a nice whip.

  • http://www.hubjub.co.uk/gorilla/gorilla.­htm#gh


    £395 - same pseudo columbus max fork and better detailing - plus no thin tubing - win on all counts

  • I'll have a ganders. Cheers for the link,

    Been trawling so many websites at the moment for the ideal frame.

  • Wasn't someone recently selling one of these frames on the forum?

  • yeah got there too late.

    Had a little cry about it as well £350.00 would of been spot on and i loved the colour as well.

  • trackstar in ny have one for $750

  • if you're interested - i have a bareknuckle a-like that i could part with

    frame made for craig mclean (top class trackstar - still king of the rollapaluza league table...) by dolan, one of several frames he had for training for the olympic keirin - this one was unused when i bought it and has been my training bike since then - only ever indoor use.
    With columbus max full blade forks 1" - no taper like the bareknuckle - pretty rare and stiff as a sixth form english teacher in a girls school.

    all black - if you're interested send me a pm and i'll get some pictures done tonight.

  • FFS...is there ANYTHING you don't have Andy? :)

  • I have a 54cm 2004 Bareknuckle I could part with. Its had a good run and I wouldn't even think of selling it save for the fact that someone just nicked the front wheel. Feel free to email (plorish@gmail.com) if you are interested. Also, in case you don't know, a 54 runs big.

  • Ok i probably missed this.

    Does anyone have one for sale or is thinking about selling.

    I still want one.

  • I just got one from Hubjub, they can still do custom orders on it for you. What size you after?

  • yeah i was hoping to pay about 300 for a second hand one.

    £495.00 for a new one is a bit steep. I may as well have something built for that money.

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Wanted: EAI bareknuckle frame and fork

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