Laptop Choice?

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  • I have a Dell Chromebook - the 13inch version that is surplus to requirements. Anyone interested in buying it?

  • I'm finally starting to accept that my ancient as fuck, hand me down MacBook Pro needs replacing. I have no idea what to look for in a new laptop. It's main uses will be streaming, a bit of occasional Photoshop and maybe an odd game here and there. I'm guessing I don't need anything too powerful for that? I'd rather spend a bit extra for something that's going to last me a good few years than get something cheap as chips that'll need replacing immediately. What should I be looking at how much should I realistically expect to spend on something decent? More than happy to go secondhand/refurbed.

  • £500 will get you a 3rd gen X1 Carbon i7 from Tier On.
    £40 gets you a 3 year warranty

  • Got an SSD in the ancient MacBook?
    That could be an option if not

  • I'd probably be looking at something in the region of £500 to last for a good few years. Try and get an 8th generation or later processor, they're much faster (a new i5 is about double the speed of an old i7).

    Dell outlet store often has some decent stuff (and if you look around additional discount codes are often available). This for instance

  • I don't believe so. One issue is that it's now so old that Apple have stopped releasing updates for it.

  • Weirdly enough, out of the blue my brother has offered me his old laptop this evening. Might as well give that a punt and see if I can avoid spending £500 or so!

  • Getting a replacement laptop battery appears to be a complete minefield!

    Can anyone recommend somewhere I can purchase a genuine Toshiba battery for a Satellite z830?

    I've already had one bad experience with battery empire's green cell battery. It worked fine for a while, but then laptop refused to turn on with it connected.

  • Best inexpensive laptop for home use watching videos, slight word processing, nothing special 13-in screen? Needs to be able to run Cisco.

    Our 6-year-old MacBook air shit the bed, but we need nothing that fancy as a replacement.

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Laptop Choice?

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