Laptop Choice?

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  • A friend of mine is looking to buy a laptop. I know there are lots of computer savy people on here so I'd appreciate any advice. They have about £400ish.

    Their choice is a Dell at £399. Intel processor, 3GB ram, 250 Hard Drive etc:­ts/productdetails.aspx/laptop-inspiron-1­545?c=uk&cs=ukdhs1&l=en&s=dhs&~ck=mn

    Or my choice, HP, £399. AMD processor, 4GB ram, 320 Hard Drive:

    HP seems the best deal but AMD instead of Intel?

  • Get a second hand MacBook, I've sold two of them in the past for 300 quid. expect to get something like the following for 400:

    1.8GHz core 2 duo
    2GB RAM
    120GB HDD

    then buy a Crumplr Slippy Fish in which it fits perfectly, then you can ride till your knackered as it protects (from rain and falls) aqequately :)

  • PS that processor is a 64-bit intel... it'll scream through stuff

  • yeah but they are shit aren't they ? windows incompatible
    great if you are a designer / arty type but not so good out there in the real world ? sending excel spreadsheets to your mates etc.

  • this is for a non-arty, non-bike riding type. so pc all the way.

    the dell link is scary. I think the HP is the way forward. Any opinions are most welcome.

  • HP

    I have one, so they are officially the best laptop in the universe.

  • I have a dell latitude and I think it is the dogs balls of laptops. Dell's latitude range is definitely worth a look.

  • Dell is the fucking antichrist. Buy one and your mate's dick will fall off.

  • ^

    Would this work for women who are unhappy with their spouses? .... "If you keep on cheating on me, I will buy a Dell"

  • Hehehe shit, ya know.. it just might!

  • Ok, I'm siding with you hippy. But it is for a girl (re dick falling of) and she ain't one of *those *type of girls!

  • Will a MacBook Pro be the right tool for someone doing a Computer Science/3D animation/photography course?

  • May not be relevent, but I just got a Samsung NC10 netbook for 200 quid (second hand but hardly used) - ok, not the most powerful thing, but cool for general use and watching films etc....i use an ext dvd drive at £60 if i need one.... Makes a cool everyday small laptop...

    Just my­qD9_Sj19WM:­le_thumbview_approve/6660709/2/istockpho­to_6660709-getting-your-two-pence-worth.­jpg

  • And no-one has suggested this yet?

  • Ive a Mac and PC.......PC for work cos everyone uses them and Mac for music/photo type stuff. If had to pick one Id go for HP

  • The HP Business notebooks are over powered, under marketed and hence under priced uber laptops.
    Had mine since 2005 and its still going strong and is still faster than your average.

  • Right, HP was ordered. So hopefully no private parts need fall off. Thank you for all your opinions.

  • mac :-) happy smiley people,

  • Typical mac.. the ships already sailed dude, to the Isle of HP..

  • MacBook. It is the only way

  • The only way to shell out a load of cash for a pretty little aluminium box? Maybe.

  • Yeah, no design work or video editing or lifestyle posing, so no need for a MAC.

  • did you go for the business notebook?
    which has no bells or whistles on the outside i.e. it looks plain, but instead they spent the money on the stuff that makes it fast ?

  • How long is the warranty?

    Will HP come onsite if it needs servicing?

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Laptop Choice?

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