• Ha, in the end I fixed it by getting some needle nose pliers and pulling out the bit of grey plastic in the top of the lever. Turns out it's kind of vestigial.

  • https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/2936­49/#comment13253455 separate thread about my SS drivetrain clicking and creaking.

    turned out to be the freewheel being on its last legs - teeth were a bit worn and externally looked fine, but internals were shot which meant there was a bit of play, hence the creaking/clicking. The new ENO I have on there made a huge difference (old one was a Halo clickster)

  • nitto bars b260aa risers and a cinelli vai stem. these have been creaking for a while (3 months?) under more strenuous efforts, (up steeper hills etc) I tried re-installing etc a few times to no avail, sort of got used to it. anyway in the last few days this has suddenly stopped, and it's put the shits right up me. is my bike about to spontaneously combust?

  • did your bike combust? did the risers crack?

  • Wowsa... well no, no combustion. Over tightened stem bolts to an extent and a 25.4 / 26.0 combo were the culprits. Components themselves were solid.

  • Been trying to track down a front end creak for ages on my orange rx9- changed wheels, stem, bars, cleaned and regressed everything including headset, checked cable stops. Finally took wheel out and pulled on fork legs and one fork leg makes the noise- a crack rather than a creak and flexes a tiny amount.
    Is the fork maybe cracked? Can’t see any lines in the paint. It’s an alloy fork.
    Or am I just desperate to have found the answer!

  • I have a ticking, clicking, crankset (Praxis Zayante Carbon S) or bottom bracket (Praxis M30 T47 E.B.), both of which are fairly new.

    I know it's one of the two because I've swapped both out and eliminated the noise that way. Unfortunately I don't have another M30 crankset to check whether it's one or the other.

    I'm certain it's nothing to do with the front derailleur, because I can hear it when the chain is definitely not anywhere near rubbing. It's not pedals or cleats/shoes - I've swapped them out to test.

    It happens once per pedal stroke, with the right foot forward and going down. It's kind of intermittent, loudest when pedalling regularly at 250w+. I think it goes away at a high power, but I could be wrong there, the noise may be being drowned out.

    Having test-ridden it a lot, I think I've never heard anything at all when in the big ring, no matter how I pedal. This lead me to conclude the problem is with the small ring/spider interface. The bolts for the small ring have their own threaded holes, they are separate from the big ring bolts. I cleaned and greased the contact points, and removed, greased and carefully re-tightened the bolts many times. I have stuck to the recommended 10nm torque, and tried to get them tightened evenly and gradually. I replaced the bolts with steel ones. I'm not sure what more I can do here? I could try threadlock on the bolts instead of grease. I could tighten the bolts beyond spec. Nothing I have done with the bolts has seemed to have any effect on the noise. When I found one had been a little loose after a test-ride, tightening it had no effect.

    If the problem is not actually with the small ring at all, it could be the spider/crank interface (it's bolted on), but I've checked these bolts and surfaces thoroughly.

    It could be the crank arm bolt, which is supposed to be tightened to 50nm. I don't have a suitable torque wrench for that, but at any rate, I think I've had it plenty tight.

    It could be the bottom bracket, but I don't know what to do with that beyond removing, cleaning the threads, greasing and refitting. I've definitely had it on tight. The bearings seem to move smoothly, and I have the correct dust caps fitted (28mm x 2mm on NDS, 30mm x 1mm on DS)

    There doesn't seem to be any unusual wear on the spindle. I can't feel any play in the crankset, but I have wondered whether the gap between the spider and the DS dust cap (filled by a wavy washer) is too large - it looks quite large to me, and the wavy washer is not noticably compressed (should it be?). On the other hand, nothing I have read about my set-up suggests I should need any extra spacers anywhere.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for anything else I should try, please?

  • This is what the wavy washer looks like

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    • IMG_20200726_162156.jpg
  • You may have one of the teeth in the small slightly bent and it's pushing the chain against the big, or it may be the chain itself.

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Bike noise, creak, click, creaks, clicks, clicking, pinging sound - help

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