Bikes on Eurostar?

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  • As cathartic as it is to call Eurostar jobsworth cunts, I believe the issue is that they generally used to ship your bike separately to you, which makes them liable for import/export paperwork and duties. I imagine that’s what they’re trying to negotiate with the authorities.

    If you are travelling on/with your bike - like on the ferry, or the the euroshuttle - then it’s a) your problem and b) it’s assumed you’re travelling on it, not importing it for sale. That’s why you can still take a Brompton on the Eurostar.

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  • Is it not possible to simply put it in one of these and take it on as metal laundry?

    People have definitely done that. I've taken a 700c touring bike through appropriately rinko-ed (albeit in 2019).

    The larger X-ray scanners are 85cm wide so as long as it's packaged to fit that and you can reasonably carry and lift it, you're not breaking any rules.

  • is it still possible to ride-on with the eurotunnel (the trains with cars), and then get another train from calais?

  • @danera did the rinko thing to get to ALPI4000 in Italy last year. It's a bit easier with fixed gear bikes I guess - not sure how you'd manage with all the hydro lines and stuff on modern bikes.

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  • Eurotunnel do have a cycle service, but it's once a day and you have to book 10 working days in advance and they take you across in a minibus. There's some details on this thread:­p?t=123181

  • Bikes on Eurostar looks to be resuming from 25th Jan on some London to Paris trains:­o/status/1617496203087994881

  • Starting off small with balance bikes

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  • My penny farthing will never get onto the eurostar

  • Details on CyclingUK. Cost looks like it won't be too bad (between £25 and £55 depending on when you book and which service you go for).

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Bikes on Eurostar?

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