Bikes on Eurostar?

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  • i am starting to think that they are punishing the brits for brexit, rightly so

    gonna book my eurotunnel now, trains are booked for us from Lille

  • How is that related to bicycles in any way??

  • No idea. The reason they withdrew the service in the first place was Covid-19, or so they say. Quite how bikes that would be subject to the same security checks as normal luggage would present a security issue is anyone's guess. And customs issues sounds like horseshit, unless they reckon people are going to flock to France to buy bikes and 'import' them back. And I can't see that being remotely worth it.

  • I gave up and am flying to Toulouse next week instead. Hoping it's up and running by end of August for my next bike trip but not optimistic.

  • Ugh

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  • Having recently travelled back from Paris with Eurostar the security process does seem to take noticably longer than pre-Brexit because the additional checking of the EU entry date stamps. But I don't really see why there would be any actual customs issues with re-opening the bike service?

  • Are there any additional customs requirements at airports? Because if not, I can't see why there would be at Eurostar.

  • I think we really need to get past to find a genuine reason like that and come to the conclusion that they are cunts OR they are punishing us for Brexit.

    You dont need a reason to be a jobsworth.

  • exactly. unless they are punishing you for the multitool you never returned

  • I doubt it’s anything to do with Brexit, it’s just they can’t make any money from bikes, but they can from bums on seats.

    Same reason it’s a nightmare to get a bike on half the train operators in this country. No profit in it.

  • I don't know why this one thing gets me so riled up, maybe I am becoming middle-aged

  • So euroshuttle have enabled the bookings page for bikes; its relatively cheap at £35­-with-us/vehicles/bicycles/

    These are the timings:

    In the UK the pick-up/drop-off point for cyclists is at the Holiday Inn Express Folkestone - Channel Tunnel at 08:00 and 15:30* In France the pick-up/drop-off point for cyclists is Ciffco, Boulevard de l'Europe, 62904 Coquelles at 12:30 and 18:00*

    my onward train timings didnt match so had to do a normal car booking :((((

  • I have done this, was a fun experience

  • It takes 3 hours 30 for a 35 minute crossing? Je suis very confused

    Edit: lol i can't read

  • How does it work? You sit in a van inside a train? Have never gone through le chunnel

  • Bikes in a trailer, you're in the minibus.

  • A mini bus inside a train inside a tunnel? It sounds like it would be uncomfortable on some kind of metaphysical level.

  • That's how Eurotunnel works. Person in car in train in tunnel in rock under the sea.

  • You're meant to get out of the car/minibus and loiter, aren't you? Can't remember now, it's ages since I took the Eurotunnel.

    Only 35 minutes to endure, though, so no biggie.

  • I found a picture (fixies, remember them!?):

  • I thought it was the opposite - not allowed to get out

  • remember them!?

    and compass tyres!

  • You could be right. It's been a while.

  • You can get out of your car on EuroTunnel crossing. You couldn't during Covid.

    I don't know what the rules are for this cycle carriage option.

  • I can confirm that I was allowed out

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Bikes on Eurostar?

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