Bikes on Eurostar?

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  • yeah everyone involved in this process is an utter jobsworth cunt

  • A normal day in London

  • But have you used them Amey? Not sure if real or not

  • i used eurodispatch twice in the past, it was fine, still €30 each way for taking the bike but I guess thats the price I have to pay for convenience. I literally have no idea why eurodispatch cannot run now. Other than jobsworth cuntishness.

  • Yes but what about flixbus? I can find bike slots for London to Lille, Paris and others... but I'm not convinced they're real

  • flixbus

    never came across them but £75 and similar jobsworth-ness as eurostar it seems, I am guessing no phone number to talk to someone too?

  • £30 London-Lille with bike

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  • I was looking at Aug and all I was getting was 12 hr journey time £75 and no bike slots :(

  • If ir remember bikes on eurostar stopped as soon as covid hit. It was already 40 instead of 30 at the time. Likelihood is that it will jump to 50 when it starts again...

    the easiest is : cycling or train to Newhaven, take the dfds ferry overnight, ride or train to paris or wherever in france.... job done :) holidays start at your doorstep.

  • Do flixbus smush your bike in with the other luggage?

  • Non

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  • National Express take note please.

  • Not sure how much better this is!

  • Not sure this is any help but a couple of years ago I had to get a train from mid-Wales to London with my bike. Avanti west coast, total shit when it comes to bikes, so I went to tesco before my train and bought some christmas wrapping paper and tape. Wheels off, wrapped it all up with a load of tape, got no bother whatsoever.
    This is was september however so the guy with a massive 'christmas present' taking up the space in front of the disabled loo did get some stares.

  • in awe of this genius strategy, #rep

  • Would easyJet fall for this?

  • Could use birthday wrapping paper if it's high summer.

    Might be worth sourcing some Eid Mubarak wrapping paper too for the tawny amongst us

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Bikes on Eurostar?

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