Can't get tyre on / Tight rim

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  • The flat Schwalbe blue levers are gods at getting tight 23-28mm tyres on.

  • +1. these things are unbreakable

  • I'm confident I could get the tyre on, it'd be getting it off again that'd be the issue!

    It took 2 levers and a lot of swearing to get the one side of the Ribmo that I'd put on back off.

  • I use a Crankbrothers tool to get them off without bashing your knuckles and a Koolstop to get any tyre on without Popeyes's fingers. Neither are cheap but make any tyre easy.

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  • That's the joy of them, they have a little hooked end for the rim or tyre to work a tight tyre on or off. It's the purchase with this hooked end that initially grabs the edge of the tyre. Pop one in, let it grab under the tyre edge (don't lift it yet) then do the same 10cm further up the rim from it. Lever them both together. My comment wasn't replying to yours as such, just wanted to add it to the thread, but if you haven't tried them I'd say do. They are tough too as Platypus says. If they wouldn't work then I reckon you are in the realms of metal levers, then it isn't worth it at that stage.

  • I had another shot yesterday and while I know there are tight rims and tight tyres and tight combinations of rims and tyres that might not be tight on other rims/tyres, that rim I have just ain't cricket.

    I'd say that in my experience of tight tyres/rims you start to run into trouble when there's around 1/8 of the tyre not on the rim, you know, that's the kind of point where you put it on at one side and it's coming off at the other. With that Exal rim it's over 1/4 of the tyre not on the rim and it's at that point. It was consistently like that with about 5 different tyres.

    I tried using a toe strap to hold the bead in and it still popped off as I worked the other side on. I snapped a plastic Pedros lever so moved onto the big motorcycle type size metal Park ones I have but they weren't much help.

    I actually stopped short of fully fitting a tyre because I'm convinced that had I fit it, I wouldn't have gotten it back off without destroying or at least damaging it.

    I guess I don't have any recourse with the seller on ebay. They'll probably just say I'm trying bad combos but seriously, it's beyond that.

  • The trick is pushing the wirebead in as deep as possible. This gives enough wiggle room to get the other side on.

  • The problem with the rim I have is that there’s no deep place to push the bead to. It’s very flat internally.

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Can't get tyre on / Tight rim

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