Can't get tyre on / Tight rim

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  • Are you trying to fit 650 to 700? ;)

    Seriously, work from the top around with both hands - so working out wide and then back in again to meet at the bottom. This way nothing you've seated will unseat. Sit down and wedge the wheel into your gut resting it on your thighs - it'll help.

    Once it get's tight near the bottom go back to the top and squeeze the bead into the middle of the rim as you work around again. This gives you the slack to pop the last bit on. (note it sometimes helps to let almost all air out of the tube when learning this last bit).

    Hope that helps, or at least feeds the innuendo spotters...

  • Is there a method to inflating a tyre to make it seat correctly?

    I have repaired a puncture and have refitted the tyre but when I inflate there is a flat spot where the tyre is sitting in closer to the rim, which you can see when you spin the wheel.

    I have flexed the sidewalls back and forth all the way round but it always has the same flat spot, as its on the front I have rotated the tyre but there is still a flat spot.

    Is there a remedy?

    Thanks, Alex

  • Try putting in a few extra pounds (20?) with a track pump

  • Start flat, add ~20-30psi, find flat spot, push it away from rim, inflate fully.
    Overinflating to say 120 and then dropping it back down to 100 can work too.

  • Thanks for all the tips, I got it sorted wiggling it in place with tyre levers.

  • I have found Continental tires tough to get on Campag wheels, if you puncture good luck getting them off, I have up and switched to Michelin

  • +1

    Beaded Conti Gatorskins on Campag Omega rims almost ended me.

  • I've found they're ok to get on/off once they've stretched and you've ridden on them for a while. Nightmare to get on the first time though, as with pretty much all Conti tyres and tubs

  • Just had an epic battle with my rims and gatorskins. I managed to conquer the unwielding beast by using a 3wrencho to get the last bit onto the rim.

  • lol I just bought some of these... now I'm scared to put them on! Oh well

  • If i'd used the 3wrencho once i got to the tricky part, instead of trying with just my thumbs, I'd have saved an age...

  • How to fit a Marathon Plus Tyre.mp4 - YouTube

    also beware the DRC st17 elegant rim - it's a very nice rim - but the walls are too high and it's murder getting tyres on. i won't use them again. all other drcs seem fine so why they couldn't get that right i don't know.

  • Wanted to share my own experience after trying to fit a gatorskin on my newly laced 88mm carbon clincher. I always used to buy gatorskins off ebay without actually paying attention to the type of the tyre (will come to this in a moment). So I happily rushed to fit one of my existing new gator into my new wheel only to discover that there is NO F£"ING WAY THIS THING will go on (dont give me any of that HTFU sh^$t I used to do triathlons k?).

    So what it comes down to is this: use the folding type (kevlar bead) not the wired bead. Makes little difference on the tyre (rolling resistance & puncture protection) and the folding one is more flexible on the beads. Didn't even use a lever with the folding one.

    I hope this saves your thumbs (and in my case your fingernails)

  • dont give me any of that HTFU sh^$t I used to do triathlons k?


  • used to do triathlons


  • triathlons


  • fingernails


  • gatorskin... ...88mm carbon


  • Quoted from somewhere above; this works a treat.

    S-Works turbo on a wide tubeless compatible carbon rim separated the skin from the pads of my thumbs in a 15 minute battle. This took a minute.­28167.0

  • Vat rp42500 tyre lever set but it is not a normal one make easy work of tight tyres. Hurt my hand recently and I found this which allows me to continue being a mechanic while my hand heals.

  • Does anyone have experience with Fulcrum Racing 7 wheels to put the tyre on? I am struggling to put Vittoria Zaffiro Rigid on it and just thinking to get a different set of tyres.

    UPDATE: Don't by Rigid version, invest more to get Zaffiro PRO which mounts on FR7 very nicely.

  • Bumping this as I've just tried getting a couple tyres onto a wheel I bought from ebay and you would swear I was putting the wrong size tyre on.

    The wheel was sold as having an 'Exal 700c' rim. It's destickered so I don't know the exact model but it looks most likely to be an XR-2.

    There's a bit of chat about these being tight rims but fuck me, they are ridiculous and I've only tried one side of a 28c Ribmo and a 25c Gatorskin so far.

    Crap knows how you're meant to get the tyre off at the side of the road!

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Can't get tyre on / Tight rim

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