Can't get tyre on / Tight rim

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  • Couldn't find a thread on such a daft subject so had to start one. I'm putting some new 700 x 23 ultra gatorskins onto my navigator pista clinchers and I can't for the life of me get the bastards on! I managed to get the tyre on without the innertube but that's no use. Tried loads with the innertube in using tyre levers but it just won't fit. My fingers are starting to wreck now. I had Schwalbe ultremos on these wheels before and I could get them on and off no problem but these gators just don't want to go on. Anybody got any tips that preferably won't result in scratch rims?! Cheers

  • No major tips, other than just keep trying....I've been using Gatorskins on the rear for a couple of years and never had any problems. You must have brittle bones?

  • HTFU or ask ed.

  • I've found Gatorskins to be the hardest fucking tyres to fit. But it is just a case of HTFU.

  • HTFU or ask ed.


    He might even video it for you!

  • use a tyre levers instead of your finger.

  • htfu or ask ed.


  • roll them on

  • use a tyre levers instead of your finger.

    To get the tyre on?

  • gatorskins are a pain to get on, but you just need to be persistent. alternatively, you could try a crank brothers speed lever.


    Why aren't your tire levers working?

  • use a tyre levers instead of your finger.

    Be very careful if you do this as its very easy to pinch the tube with the levers as you cant see under the bead.
    I had gatorskins on my navigator pistas, worst trye rim combination ever, turned my thumbs purple.
    Try a little bit of washing up liquid on the rim and push the sidewall over with your palms rather than thumbs, little by little.

  • Make sure you're using 'Tyre Levers', not 'Tire Levers'. It could end very badly otherwise!

  • two tyre levers spaced about 3 fingers apart, dual move them at the same time technology is your friend.

  • I've never used tyre levers to get a tyre on, only to get off :-$

  • I had a whole shit heap of trouble fitting a gatorskin. Then i got like 4 punctures in 2 days, because the tyre was faulty. I was gutted.

  • Get really really angry, up to incredible hulk levels. Slap yourself in the face a couple of time. Run up to the wheels and tyre in question (running is important). Grab the fucker, let out an on going war-cry, and give that motherfucker hell!
    That's how i do it.

  • Working in a bike shop, sometimes some tyres just don't go on with your hands, so they have to be called in... Obviously be careful not to pinch the tube but if you do, you deserve it for not being careful enough.

  • Search on Vittoria Randonneur ;)

  • Take it to Evans.

  • They are a pain, do some pulls ups and press ups and drink lots of beer. You'll have the tyres on in a jiffy!

  • P.s. I've 1 puncture in 18 months on my Gators; strange because it was a shard of glass, always thought it would be punctured by metal.

  • Armadillos are the bane of my tyre-fitting life. Took 3 fucking inners to get one on properly once. The bead is SO fucking stiff it's really tough to fit them without pinching your tube or shredding your fingers.

  • At OP - Is that enough to help you and can this thread now be handed over to the punning society?

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Can't get tyre on / Tight rim

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