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  • I'm dying today.

  • Nose and eyes are ok, but my post Covid lungs are super scratchy. Might be a combination of a cold virus from my little boy’s nursery.


  • I've been up since about 7 today, I'm past the 50 sneeze mark. Arrrgh 😭

  • Car is covered in a fine layer treekake. my eyes are on fucking fire.

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  • Gaaah I’m in pieces and loratidine is not doing anything. Any chemists are all shut until Tuesday...

  • Suffering big time yesterday and today.

  • This is a new thing for me... eyes stinging and running, nose snotty, stupid itchy cough... sounds like the fever of the hay?

  • welcome to the club, start taking antihistamines immediately because they take a few days to build up in your system. If after a a week it doesn't seem to be helping try changing to a different one, cetirizine, loratadine etc. I find Beconase nasal spray works well if the symtoms are getting worse.

  • It's really starting to kick in now. I've managed to avoid the itchy eyes so far but that's probably because I'm not commuting at the moment but my energy is rock bottom.

  • pretty sure i always see this car parked on my road..

    maybe it's your car roof exacerbating my hayfever at the moment.

  • No ones commented for a week, probably because everyone has died of Hayfever this past week like me.

    I appear to have a viral chest infection at the same time. FML

  • Started doing something I never usually do, just taking cetirizine every morning. Couldn't deal with how bad it got in the last few weeks. Doing 100 sneezes a day does do wonders for my abs though.

  • going through 120mg fexofenadine and about half a dozen piriton a day at the moment. Still sneezing throughout, itchy eyes and wake up with an itchy throat

  • I've kept the itchy eyes at bay so far but the last couple of days have really ramped up the runny nose/sneezing. I think it's time to buy all of Boot's stock again.

  • Just did one of those online consultations, it’s given me a list of options, including epipens...

    Other options include desloratadine, but not triamcinalone.

  • Fexofenadine taken for a few days, still suffering badly.
    Wonder how bad it would be without the drugs...
    Don't really want to find out!

  • Fexofenadine is feeling the strain for me too...taking certirizine in addition at the moment. Feel pretty good but the background lethargy is still there to some extent.

  • Loratadine doesn't seem to have done the job the last couple of days so I'm on Chlorphenamine now too and it's much better

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