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  • I am in Amsterdam. but yesterday was the first day of it for me.. Very itchy eyes. Just what you need in the middle of coronavirus, itchy eyes that you can't stop rubbing,,,

  • Sneezing etc has begun full on. Done my first nettle sting so hoping tomorrow onwards will be eased.

  • Me too. I woke up sniffing and sneezing. I'm new to hayfever so I assume it's this seeing as I haven't left the house in 3 weeks

  • Eyes are scratchy, didn’t stop me for a short bike ride.

    I had preemptively bought a air purifier for the bedroom, hopefully that will help.

  • Had scratchy eyes and sneezed uncontrollably for two minutes today.
    Might have to break out the antihistamines sooner than anticipated

  • I've started on the daily 180mg fexofenadine tablets now. Seems to have made a difference after scratchy eyes at the weekend

  • 1.5h on the bike. Beautiful weather, worth the tears of pollen infused joy

  • My worst symptoms (constant sneezing, waterfall nose) dropped massively after nettle sting.

    I am a bit wheezy day 2 day though and was coughing more than usual yesterday evening, naturally anxiety kicks in:


  • Well. Bad. Today.

  • Really glad that I bought 6 months of antihistamines earlier this year for cheapo.

    Even more glad that I decided to store them in my locker at work.

  • I've been suffering for the last week, bring on the rain!

  • Nettle stings have massively reduced my symptoms here again this year. The initial sting helped for a few days then I got it really bad again so visited the nettles again and have been much improved after.

    IANAD disclaimer etc etc.

  • Haven’t tried this BDSM hay fever treatment. Will give it a bash.

  • Hayfever today is making me cough.
    Gasping for air on a tough turbo workout with the window open probably didn’t help.
    Bastard pollen.

  • First day of sneezing for me.

  • Anyone's eyes getting battered by plane tree seeds today / recently?

  • Yes. Its fecking grim out there.

  • Yeah it’s savage

  • im dying

  • Yupp

  • I've been feeling like I'm coming down with a cold today. Really tired, sore throat. I did take an antihistamine and a nasal spray this morning but I'm wondering if it's the pollen doing it.

  • I'm getting a bit miserable about this tbh. It's really affecting my sport. No OTC antihistamines or nasal sprays seem to take the edge off when it's like this. Even stang myself to shit with nettles the other day to see if that helps.

    Anybody have experience of whether a GP will be any help?

  • Nasal saline rinse to clear the gunk in the sinuses and then nasal spray seems to improve the effectiveness. Also Vaseline on the nose etc.

  • Thanks but I'm already a sterimar fan. Found out about it when the blood vessels on the inside of my nose froze when I was on a climbing trip in the North of Canada a long time ago. Ended up with a slow nose bleed for a couple of months!

    Really helps me get going in the morning at times like this. Should be in every allergy sufferers arsenal. And if you ever find yourself tackling nasal blood clots....

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