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  • Anyone rolling around the westcountry a member or been on any rides with them? I'm thinking of heading out with them this Sunday as I'll be in Bath, and hopefully be joining if I can find a job in the area. I had a look on their website, and it looks pretty cool, but does anyone know if one can just turn up unannounced for their rides?

    Also any of you forumengers based in the Bath/Bristol area? Be good to meet and sort a few rides/drinks as it looks like I'll be spending more of my time back home in "the tub" over the summer.

  • Take a quick spin up Brass Knocker Hill. Its easy, honest.

  • That's one of the few hills in Bath I have yet to cycle, better correct that sometime soon! I imagine I'll hold up a lot of traffic, small windy road doesn't make passing so easy for the cars...

  • Fuck the cars. When I am driving and see the cyclist mashing up a hill like that I give them room, pacience and respect.

  • Brassknocker ain't all that! Try Bathwick Hill up to the uni, or up Bannerdown road to Marshfield...

    I'm back in Bath from about the 15th of this month, there are a few other fixed riders about. Toff who runs Detour (the skate shop on broad street) has a freakin' beautiful njs Anchor track frame, but took a massive tumble off it and is treating it with a little distance right now. There is a guy who works in Avon Valley Cycles on a all black and purple re-sprayed Charge who rides with the Bristol Crew, and a guy on a multi-stickered frame who is always throwing down through the streets, never been able to catch him yet.

    Also the Bristol team are always about, although I've yet to make it up to a meet.

    If you want to go for a spin up the hills give me a shout man! Heading along the canal is always nice down to a pub or something.

  • I used to LOVE coming down Bathwick on my way home from school, but normally took North road (also very fun!) to and from school as it comes right out onto the canal.

    I'm about to cycle up to Bath from Bournemouth this eve so will be about from now on. Be good to meet some of the local riders, I've seen plenty about (geared and SS/fixed) but had my bikes down in Bournemouth most of the time so not been able to get involved in any rides. Hopefully will remedy that this summer.

    I've been semi-planning a Bath hills route myself, something like up Bathwick, down Ralph Allen, back across town and up North Road, down Bathwick, across town and up Ralph Allen drive... you get the idea, ideally I'll sort it so you climb each hill once and dont go down the same one too many times. What you guys reckon?

  • I've been cycling in Bath a bit recently. I go there quite regularly as I still have a lot of friends there.

    Struggled a bit on 48x16. Down the canal to Bristol is always a nice ride fixed though.

    Can't comment on personal experience about Bathh CC, but my friend joined them for a few rides a while back. I asked him why he stopped recently and he said it was because they were boring. Don't shoot the messenger.

  • I've been semi-planning a Bath hills route myself, something like up Bathwick, down Ralph Allen, back across town and up North Road, down Bathwick, across town and up Ralph Allen drive... you get the idea, ideally I'll sort it so you climb each hill once and dont go down the same one too many times. What you guys reckon?

    You thinking fixed or gears? You'll be spinning out like a motherfucker coming down Ralph Allen fixed, and I don't know if I could ever manage Bathwick Hill, my motorbike struggles sometimes! Apart from that I'm definitely up for some training runs, no doubt.

  • when i was at uni there and fancied a hill pain session I used to do something like this but used to do it geared, would be fun fixed but I'd want two brakes for when you get tired at the bottom of the hills as most of them are steep into the junctions at the bottom!

    And don't forget widcombe hill either! Was always my choice hill for going up and then down bathwick as it's got the easiest junction to negotiate at the bottom imo

    Never came into contact with bath cc but doubt they would be that happy for someone to turn up to their first club run fixed, I'd go geared untill you know your good enough to keep up and they know youre good enough not to be a pain in the arse hipster!

    Very jealous that people get to spend summer in bath def spend some time boozing in the hop pole, best pub in bath. Fact

  • a bunch of us bristol guy's are riding over to bath in the late morning. would be good to meet a few bath riders also.­de-to-bath/page/2

    also im orginising a alley in bristol 11/07/09­idge-the-gap-supermarket-sweep

  • on sunday

  • Wicked, I just signed up to your forum and will be spending lots of time in Bath/Bristol spinning out down hills.

  • Supersim: Yeah I was gonna go with gears, what with not knowing the route they are planning. Best to play it safe, eh?

    mechamorgan: I was thinking gears for the hills ride but would probably be doable fixed, wouldn't want to be running more than 70 inches though!

    everyone else: awesome, will organise some rides soon!

  • HTFU! I'll try Brassknocker at 70' if you do!
    You're right though, you'd need 63' ish and climbing bars to do at all well.

    p.s. you'll destroy me on hills, I'm only a paltry hipster.

  • Went out yesterday and did Brassknocker, not that bad with gears but would be a challenge on 70" fixed, especially coming down, whichever way you go. So count me in for the fixed hills ride!

  • In Bath I ride 74 inch for long training rides out of the city, 70 inch in winter and for bulk of hills like bannerdown/north road, and 60 inch for commuting part on part off road and up through st catharines valley... all the hills are fine, and generally long but not steep, but brassknocker is both steep and quite long!

  • Billy I LIVE in St. Catherines valley! Next time you spin through give me some warning!

    If you want to try both surreally step and painfully long try Ayford Lane in St. Catherines, goes from the very bottom of the valley straight into Marshfield, a seriously hellish hill.

    Me and a friend of mine are cycling out to Bristol to have a gander at the new Bansky on either Tuesday or Wednesday, if anyone fancies a relaxed spin out to Briz? It'd be nice to meet up with Bath/Bristol based cyclists.

  • mechamorgan - I know ayford lane (and st catharines valley) well! there's another hill slightly further up the valley aswell that starts as a bridleway and then goes down to the mill, then rises up very steeply and eventually flattens off and comes out at marshfield cricket club... bit of a killer on a ss, but kind of amazing too... my commute home takes me up oakford lane, which also gets quite steep at the top...

  • Well I finally made it out with the club yesterday, ended up doing about 65 miles at a fairly comfortable pace. I went with the "medium" group, which was a little slower than I would be on my own, but everyone was nice and friendly. I don't have a clue where we went, apart from to Saltford along the cycle path, once past there it was all very small country lanes and I was completely lost!
    I was pretty tired when I got home, not used to being in the saddle for that long, I'd normally do the same distance in about an hour less. But its all good training I suppose.

    I might be up for the ride to Bristol. Are you planning to take the cycle path along the river?

  • Yeah most probably the cycle lane, and not at a serious pace. Just a nice fun pedal out. We'll probably be of mixed abilities and bikes so don't want to leave people out.

    I met some nice guys outside Johns Bikes the other day, one on an orange frame with sug-75's and ATACS, one on a beautiful anthracite grey Bob Jackson, both with risers and good tyre choices for brakless. Hi! If you're on here.

    I'm working tomorrow and it's raining Wednesday, so maybe Thursday or Friday for the jaunt to Bristol. The exhibit runs for ages so I guess it's not vital to get there fast. Me and my friend are pretty flexable (oh err) so if anyone wants to come/can't make a day, just post it up!

  • End of the week isn't so good for me, and I guess Sat will be mega-busy. My sister is heading over to the exhibit today so I'll get an update on how ridiculously busy it is.

    SPOTTED: Someone on a black framed fixed gear, yellow rims. Heading into Batheaston yesterday evening at about 6ish. Nice looking bike!

  • Give us a shout if you come to bristol. over the weekend. me and a few mates are always around.
    Also the banksy gallery doesn't seem to be as busy now. still haven't seen it myself.

    Also some updates on the Bristol Alleycat­permarket-sweep/

  • Spotted a dude giving it hell on the London road today, I drove past and kindly enquired after a skid, but he gave me a "what is this muppet doingLOOK WHERE YOU'RE GOING JESUS' look. Black frame and white headset spacers, can't remember anything else. Looked nice.

  • Saw two single speeders on the London Road today, both heading out of town, one flying along on a white frame with TT bars, and the other wearing an orange jersey, but I don't remember what the bike was like.... Both between 5:30 and 6pm.

    Anyone up for a ride sometime soon? Be good to meet some more local riders!

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Bath CC

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