• Hey All, To see the latest on the EHBPC's check out http://www.ehbpc.org/
    We will keep the forum up-to-date but that site will have more details.

    The weekend is panning out to be pretty fantastic. In the end, it's a celebration of cycling, and whether or not you play polo you should still be able to have a fantastic time and a great weekend out!
    We'll have lots of parties and with 120 players from all over Europe coming (check out the registered teams on the site above!!!) it's going to be an event that hopefully the London cycling community at large will be very proud of hosting.
    If you'd like to help out and join in the history-making please email at roxy "at" ehbpc.org

    If you would like to offer a floor, couch, spare bed for players to sleep on, please email matt . vidal "at" ehbpc .org

    It will be an amazing bike weekend, made even greater if LFGSS comes out and supports the occasion (by drinking, hanging out and watching people have fun on bikes).

    We need a lot of volunteers to make this thing spectacular and it's great that people are signing up! You can sign up here if you'd like to volunteer. You don't need to play polo or know anything about polo to come lend a hand.

  • We just got back from the ECMC tourney in Berlin, and there were a lot of great teams. The games at the Euros here promise to be exciting.

    Please email or pm me if you are willing to host for 2-4 days around the weekend of August 1-2.

    But definitely come out to watch and hang out.

  • is there a chance to register a fourth team from munich?

  • need to sort out website with velocity link seeing they have one for yours on their front page

  • Blimey, the velocity website is terrible!

  • Blimey, the velocity website is terrible!


  • Um, i've had one volunteer to house people for the Euros. Step up yo. I've personally crashed at houses in Berlin, MCR, and Paris in the last few months, all at bike events. Good connections. Good karma, to the extent that such exists.

    Represent London. We probably need a dozen people to house a team for four days. Please email me or pm me. Email is better. mgvidal@gmail.com.

  • I've just emailed you.

  • +1

  • eye spy with my little eye the best polo tournament in europe this year being held in london... fuck yeah!

  • fuck yeah Ray

  • Hey guys
    I'm Edouard from "La French Cavalry" team (Paris).
    I sent Matt Vidal an email a couple of days ago about accomodation since I (and possibly another team mate of mine) have nowhere to crash for the tourney.
    He hasn't replied to me yet so I was hoping he would read this message on this forum or someone would let him know he's got an email from me on his ehbpc email address.

    Thanks for your help.

    Best regards from Paris!

  • Hey. Sorry -- I don't check that email account every day. I'll get back to you with details via email. Cheers.

  • i have a spare room in my house for anyone who needs a place to stay during the euro's and a back garden that will take a 3-4 man tent for the weekend
    happy to help out

  • Thanks, dicki. I'm going to pm you later to get some more details.

  • cool out east in stratford
    where is the tourney again ?

  • We are waiting to hear back about a spot on Union St. in Southwark.

  • cool out east in stratford

    Stratford!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!

  • We are waiting to hear back about a spot on Union St. in Southwark.


  • are all the games going to be there?

  • Yep yep, two courts.

  • im glad to visit you guys in london with my berlin teams

    or in german i would say " Ick freu mir riesig druff"

    cheers,til then...

    jessi (team with miguel)

  • im glad to visit you guys in london with my berlin teams

    or in german i would say " Ick freu mir riesig druff"

    Haha, go on, teach the forum to speak Berlinerisch. :)

  • you can say " ick freu mir wie bolle" too


  • ich freu mich auch und hoffe bis dahin die krücken wieder los zu sein

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Tourney: European Hard-court Bike Polo Championship - 01/02.08.2009

Posted by Avatar for roxy @roxy